Top 5 PUBG Mobile landing spots for rank pushers, Check Guide

Top 5 PUBG Mobile landing spots for rank pushers, Check Guide

With these top 5 landing spots in PUBG Mobile, Players can rank climb in PUBG Mobile smoother than ever. Check now

The climb to higher ranks in PUBG Mobile is a perilous yet thrilling journey. Every decision, from weapon loot to strategic rotations, weighs heavily on your points. For dedicated rank pushers, picking the right drop zone can make or break your game. Let’s check out the top 5 landing spots in PUBG Mobile to fuel your rank ascension!

Sosnovka, Erangel

This quaint village on the southwestern edge of Erangel offers a balanced blend of loot and manageable early-game engagements. With ample buildings and scattered compounds, Sosnovka guarantees decent weaponry for a squad. Its central location allows for smooth rotations towards the center circle, minimizing risky long runs.


Pochinki, Erangel

Pochinki remains a high-octane loot haven in the Erangel map. While intense early clashes are inevitable, the abundance of high-tier loot and plentiful cover make it a rewarding gamble for skilled players. Emerging victorious from Pochinki often translates to a significant points boost and early dominance in the match.

Mylta Power, Erangel

Erangel’s notoriously fast pace demands fast looting and strategic positioning. Mylta Power provides both. The power plant complex boasts generous loot within compact buildings, perfect for quick gear-ups. Its central location near the river provides multiple rotation options, letting you adapt to the ever-shifting circle.

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Paradise Resort, Sanhok

Paradise Resort on Sanhok is one of the best place to grab high level loot. Nestled amidst cliffs and overlooking the ocean, this resort offers ample loot scattered across its various buildings and bungalows. Beware, though, as flanking enemies can easily access the resort from surrounding hills.


Bootcamp, Sanhok

For die-hard close-quarters enthusiasts, Sanhok’s Bootcamp is a haven. Packed with buildings and tunnels, this urban playground guarantees adrenaline-pumping firefights from the get-go. Remember, grenades are your friend here – utilize them to flush out campers and gain tactical advantages.

Remember, no landing spot guarantees perfect safety. Adaptability and quick decision-making are crucial for rank pushers. Analyze the circle, communicate with your squad, and be prepared to adjust your strategy on the fly.


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