Pokémon GO gets a major upgrade, Rediscover the thrill of the hunt

Pokémon GO gets a major upgrade, Rediscover the thrill of the hunt

Rediscover the adventure of Pokémon GO with new ways to express yourself, enhanced visuals, and a GO Snapshot upgrade!

Pokémon GO just got a major upgrade, inviting you to rediscover the thrill of the hunt. Get ready to explore a world with a fresh look, express yourself in exciting new ways, and capture unforgettable Pokémon moments! Check out more details of new upgrades.

Pokémon GO gets a major upgrade

Immerse yourself in stunning visuals! The in-game map, encounter screens, battle scenes, and more have been revamped to reflect your real-world surroundings. Explore a lush forest and see vibrant greens come alive on your screen. Battle in a bustling city and feel the energy of the urban landscape. The world of Pokémon GO has never been so visually captivating!

But the updates go beyond aesthetics. You can now express yourself like never before with a wider range of avatar customization options. Visit the Style Shop and discover new ways to personalize your trainer, from body types and hairstyles to skin tones and eye colors. Create an avatar that truly reflects your unique style!

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And the fun doesn’t stop there! The GO Snapshot feature has received a fantastic upgrade. You can now include up to three Pokémon in a single photo! Imagine capturing a playful scene with your favorite Pokémon companions, or recreating epic battle moments. The possibilities for creative Pokémon photography are endless!

So, what are you waiting for, Trainer? Dive back into the exciting world of Pokémon GO and rediscover the joy of exploration, customization, and unforgettable Pokémon encounters!


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