Watch: Lionel Messi goes ‘out of this world’ floating in space, know details

Watch: Lionel Messi goes ‘out of this world’ floating in space, know details

Adidas signed Lionel Messi on a lifelong deal in 2017.

Lionel Messi has been an ambassador for one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturers, Adidas, almost since the start of his career. That relationship only strengthened over the years. Especially since the World Cup winner signed a lifetime deal with them in 2017. Adidas know that one of the world’s greatest athletes is their ambassador and they don’t forget it. That especially shows in times like this when they bring out a huge billboard in space for their new campaign with Messi’s face on it.

Adidas released a video on their social media account featuring Lionel Messi that was ‘otherworldly’ in its literal sense. As a part of their newest campaign, they’ve done something incredible by going out of their way. It seems they’ve enrolled a huge billboard with Messi’s face and new shoes on it. The billboard had the tagline ‘Out of this world’ below Messi’s face. What could be the name of their product, ‘XCRAZYFAST’ was also written there. The billboard floats in outer space which can be seen in the video.

The video started with a part of a space station with a voice in the background saying, “This is Mission Control. You are go for deployment.” As a “Roger that” reply came from another voice, there was an announcement of the altitude and speed, “Altitude 400 km. Speed 7800 meters per second.” With another reply in the form of “Copy that”, came the news of the deployment of the billboard saying, “All clear. Deployment initiated.” With that, the billboard can be seen opening slowly. 

Messi can be seen putting on a headphone with a mic in the meantime. With a countdown of “3, 2, 1… Deployment complete.” a picture of the entire billboard can be seen. Watching the entire billboard for the first time, Messi can be seen saying, “Great job.” Probably keeping with the name, ‘XCRAZYFAST’, Messi’s next lines were “The speed of the billboard is incredible.” He then proceeds to say, “Congratulations to the entire team.” Then the feeds were switched to show the entire thing from a distance.

Adidas release a Lionel Messi billboard in space for new campaign, Inter Miami and Argentina captain seen ecstatic in Adidas Messi video

The video ends with Messi putting down his headpiece after the viewing and saying, “I always wanted to go to space.” Lionel Messi and Adidas have had a partnership for 17 long years. Just 2 years after his Barcelona debut in 2004, Messi signed to become a global ambassador for Adidas in 2006. He has almost become the face of the sportswear company’s football division. He has worked with them for several of their campaigns for various products over the years.

The concept of space billboards has been in the works for some time now. However, it’s still not confirmed whether this work by Adidas was physically done in space or if it was computer-generated. If it is really floating up above, then it is one of the earliest billboards to be swinging in space. Adidas will have made history. However, even if it is computer-generated, the message is clear. The magic the World Cup winner still produces at this age is certainly “out of this world.”


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