Thank You to everyone: Sunil Chhetri thanks fans & media before hanging boots from International football

Thank You to everyone: Sunil Chhetri thanks fans & media before hanging boots from International football

Sunil Chhetri 'Thanks' everyone including fans and media supporting him and India Football Team over the years

Sobai Bhalo Thakben, Sobai Khushi Thakben (Everyone stay well, Everyone stay happy). These were the last words that Sunil Chhetri said after playing his last match for the nation. The 39-year old, drew curtains from International football in the India vs Kuwait clash at the Salt Lake Stadium.

A bit emotional and filled with gratitude, Sunil Chhetri sent his goodbye message to the 59,000 fans who turned up for the game. The departing skipper was felicitated after the game by the Indian Army, and the Kolkata Giants.

“A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. Last 19 years would not have been possible without your support. Once again to all those who watched me LIVE, my videos and everyone who turned up here – Thank You!,” said Sunil Chhetri for the last time before

It was certainly not the finish that India wanted. Fans expected a win for India and had Sunil scored, it would be the perfect icing on the cake. But India failed to perform well as the Blue Tigers were held to a goalless draw by Kuwait at home.

Sunil Chhetri sends Warm regards to Media

Not just the the fans, Sunil Chhetri has also sent warm regards to the media personnel. He sent out a heartfelt message to the journalists for carrying out his story over the last 19 years.

To my friends from the media, Over the last 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many of you, on more than a few occasions. There were times when I had to say a lot less than would have liked to, and others I where I responded to your questions with long monologues. There were the answers laced with frustration, the ones that were – much to your annoyance – non committal, and then the press conferences that ended in a hurry.

But through it all, I’d like to believe that T was always honest with you. And that I always chose to have a conversation with you, even if it risked making headlines for reasons beyond those that I would have liked. I wanted to – by way of this letter and this occasion – thank you for playing the role you did in telling my story.

Thank you for the love and adulation you have shown through your prose and me photographs. But most importantly, thank you for the times when you’ve been honest in your assessment of the way I’ve played or carried myself really important one. And now is as Yours isn’t an easy job, but a good a time as any, to acknowledge it.

Keep telling stories of Indian football – the good, the not so good but mostly the ones of genuine promise and hope. We need it now more than ever had, and will always have the best seats in the house. I just YOU hope that over these 19 years, I made that experience just a little more special. Maybe I’1l join you in your dugout for a game or two. Signing off wíth gratitude.


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