One last ride: Luis Suarez ready to step into end of road with Messi

One last ride: Luis Suarez ready to step into end of road with Messi

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez spent 6 years together at Barcelona and won 13 trophies.

Lionel Messi is set to reunite with one of his closest friends and former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez at Inter Miami. The two South Americans played 6 years and won 13 trophies together at Barcelona. They didn’t only form an on-ground bond, but also formed a close friendship between each other. Both players had a savory exit from Barcelona. Messi was vocal when Suarez was let go by the club unfairly. They are now set to reunite with his former friends and teammate for one last time before he retires. 

Luis Suarez is 37 years old and is definitely past his prime form. Adding to that, he has now been suffering from osteoarthritis in his left knee. The Uruguayan striker previously said that he’s in “constant pain”. Talking about the situation, Gremio president Alberto Guerra said, “To be able to play, he is given almost daily injections and special treatments.” However, Suarez is in no mood to retire now. He probably wants to retire by his friend and teammate Lionel Messi’s side.

The situation has aggravated to such a level that the Brazilian team are not happy with the situation. Gremio coach Renato Gaucho told reporters in the midst of all controversies, “Suarez is now a problem that is in the president’s hands. They are exchanging ideas. As a coach, I have to focus on leading the team. It seems like a Mexican soap opera that should end now.” However, the drama is far from being over as even Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino talked about the possibility of Suarez joining Inter Miami.

Coach Martino said, “Within our analysis of the upcoming season, and the needs we may have, we have an analysis with Luis and an analysis without Luis. So, when the moment arrives to make Suarez’s situation with respect to Inter Miami official, we’ll be prepared to go in the corresponding direction.” However, neither Miami nor the Uruguayan striker is yet to say anything confirming the matter. Suarez will stay with Gremio until the Brazilian season ends at the end of this calendar year.

Gremio player Luis Suarez is set to reunite with his former Barcelona teammate and close friend Lionel Messi at Inter Miami in United States

Suarez has talked about his leg issue and pain as the main reason for leaving Gremio. Yet, he has not talked about his next destination even if it’s Inter Miami. Talking about his contract situation, Suarez explained in July, “I feel that next year I will not be able to perform due to my fitness and the high demands of the Brazilian championship, which is why the club and I spoke about ending my contract early. The club agreed and I’m grateful to them.”

He added, “I don’t know if I’ll continue to play somewhere else because I have a chronic issue with my knee that you all know about. I’d ask Gremio supporters to value the fact that they have a 37-year-old player who always plays despite having a lot of pain in his knee. That’s all I ask.” It can be guessed that Suarez is ready to joining Messi at Inter Miami and that’s why he wants to leave Gremio as soon as the end of this season.


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