Israeli Citizen with Argentine nationality pleads to Lionel Messi for help

Israeli Citizen with Argentine nationality pleads to Lionel Messi for help

Alex Scherman and his son who is an Israeli soldier are both of Argentine nationality.

Every Argentine loves Lionel Messi as one of the best players in the history of the national football club. He is revered as much as Diego Maradona. However, he is not only idolised as a footballer but also as an Argentine icon. He has a strong influence on the country’s highest authorities and it shows in some instances. Keeping that in mind, an Argentine father, Alex Scherman living in Israel pleaded to Messi through a video to save his son somehow from Hamas.

An Argentine citizen, Alex Scherman, living in Israel is caught in the middle of the Israel-Hamas war. His son who has Argentine nationality is an Israeli soldier who was captured by the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. In a plea to save his son from their hands, Scherman reached out to Messi for help. He posted a video with his message to the Argentina football team captain on social media. The video with the heartfelt message went viral on social media.

It’s not known whether the video has reached Lionel Messi as there has been no reply from the Argentina captain. Scherman said in the video, “My son Ron, an Israeli soldier with Argentine nationality, was kidnapped in Gaza by the Hamas terrorist group. I know you must have thousands of requests for cases from people who want help. And I don’t know if this video is going to reach your hands, but as a father I am doing what I can to get my son back into my hands. 

Putting in a request to Messi, Scherman added, “I know that a few words from you can work miracles. For Ron, my son, and for the Argentines who are kidnapped in the hands of Hamas. Do what you can, I hope these words reach your ears. We love and admire you.” This is not the first time Messi somehow got involved in the world of politics, especially when it involved his own country. A few months ago, two gunmen shot at a supermarket which is owned by Messi’s wife.

Alex Scherman, father of Argentine soldier kidnapped during Israeli war pleads to Argentina captain Lionel Messi to rescue his son from Israel

The assailants left a note that threatened the player. They said that the city mayor couldn’t save him as he was also involved in illegal activities. Messi was already an extremely influential figure in Argentina. It extended when he won the World Cup with the Argentina team last year. That’s why many people reach out to him for help like the Argentine father seeking help for his son. Yet, this is not the first time a war-torn person caught his attention.

There was a young Afghan boy named Murtaza Ahmadi who went viral on social media. His older brother posted a picture of the little boy wearing a plastic bag with Messi’s name and Argentina colours as a jersey. This reached Messi and he sent the little boy a ball and a signed jersey. Ahmadi was also invited by Qatar World Cup officials to meet Messi in December, 2016 in Doha during Barcelona’s friendly against Al Ahli. The little boy’s dream came true when he got to meet Messi.


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