Ahbab FC suspended amidst match-fixing accusations

Ahbab FC suspended amidst match-fixing accusations

Photo: X/Football Delhi
This action follows accusations stemming from a controversial match and widespread concerns raised online.

The Delhi Soccer Association (DSA) has taken a strong stance against potential match-fixing within the Delhi Premier League (DPL) by suspending Ahbab FC with immediate effect. This action follows accusations stemming from a controversial match and widespread concerns raised online.

Ahbab FC suspicious own goals

The incident occurred during a recent Premier League match between Ahbab FC and Rangers SC. In the closing moments, two seemingly deliberate own goals conceded by Ahbab players heightened suspicions of foul play among match officials and spectators.

Social Media Fuels Scrutiny:

Footage of the questionable goals quickly spread on social media, notably through a commentator’s Twitter post. Despite deletion attempts, the videos went viral, igniting discussions and concerns within the Indian football community.

Football President Raises Alarm:

Kalyan Chaubey, president of the All India Football Federation, expressed his deep concern on Twitter, acknowledging the “very concerning” nature of the circulating videos.

He further mentioned ongoing investigations into suspicious matches, highlighting the federation’s commitment to eliminating such issues from Indian football.

Swift Action by DSA:

Responding to the escalating public outcry and online scrutiny, the DSA swiftly suspended Ahbab FC from further participation in the league. This suspension will remain in place until a thorough investigation into the allegations concludes.

Transparency and Impartiality Assured:

The DSA has assured stakeholders and fans of a comprehensive and impartial investigation to fully investigate the accusations surrounding the match.

Only time will tell what the investigation uncovers, but the swift action taken by both the DSA and football authorities demonstrates their commitment to upholding the integrity of the sport.


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