Barcelona set to sell old Camp Nou seats as new way to solve financial issues?

Barcelona set to sell old Camp Nou seats as new way to solve financial issues?

Camp Nou are selling old Camp Nou seats between the price of €99.99 to €299.99.

Barcelona are in the works of renovating their home ground Camp Nou. As the over six decades old iconic stadium gets a new look, La Blaugrana are in the work of making some money out of some parts of the broken old iconic stadium. It holds countless memories for all Barca fans. Hence, it is an opportunity for them to keep a big part of that history. It will also help Barcelona with their financial issues which have been haunting them for some years now.

Barcelona began the Camp Nou renovation work after the end of last season. This is the first year in over 60 years that Barcelona are playing their home games away from the Camp Nou. Since the demolition began, the stadium has been unrecognisable. It holds countless memories for fans not just from Barcelona, but also from all over the world. Hence, it might be a way for La Blaugrana to bring some money during their extreme final issues. However, it’s also an opportunity for fans to hold onto the history.

Fans can acquire the items through the official Barcelona store. The message on the website page where the seats are being sold, reads, “The Spotify Camp Nou has been the stage for some of the greatest feats in football history. Take home a small part of our club: your seat from the Spotify Camp Nou. A unique piece, available in three designs. It’s time to help the club continue to achieve new milestones, ensuring that everything we’ve experienced at home lives on forever in your home.”

They are selling the seats in three different designs along with a piece of rubble following the demolition. The most expensive design among the three can be seen as the seat incorporated in a designed chair. The seat cum chair is priced at €299.99. The cheapest design is the seat stuck on a black base that is priced at €99.99. The other design is the seat with just the wooden frame which costs about €119.99. The website has two sets of dates listed for buyers.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta announced stadium renovation news through which they are set to sell Camp Nou seats to fans after demolition

Barcelona’s paying members can buy the seats between 26th October to 12th November. However, the non-paying members interested in buying the seats will have the chance to buy between 14th November to 27th November. Barcelona President Joan Laporta revealed the plans to renovate the iconic stadium for the first time in April, last year. The renovation will be done on the additional structure in Camp Nou’s South Goal Zone. Waterproofing will be done on the stands, a 360-degree screen installation along with anti-carbonation and restoration work. 

The retransmission system will be improved and renovated as well. The entire thing will cost La Blaugrana a whopping €1.5 billion. They will get the funding from the US Investment firms JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Barcelona are currently playing their home games at Spain’s Olympic Stadium or Luis Companys Stadium. Camp Nou will open next season at half the capacity. It will take till sometime in the 2025-26 season for the entire renovation work to end which will include all state-of-the-art facilities.


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