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PUBG New State Players are facing In-game issues after latest update, Know More

PUBG New State Players are facing In-game issues after latest update, Know More

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The June update comes with a new Round Deathmatch mode, new gun customizations and more. Few PUBG New State Players are facing In-game issues.

Devs are aware that some of you may be experiencing issues after the latest update of PUBG NEW STATE also known as NEW STATE Mobile. Here is a list of known issues that we are currently working on fixes for. This notice will be updated as any additional issues are identified.

[Known Issues]

  • [iOS] Issue where you can’t chat if you die while playing DEAD ROCK
  • [iOS] Issue where light pillars are not displayed when markers are placed on the world map UI
  • The issue in which the subscription product auto-renewal information system mail is sent even though the App Store subscription was cancelled
    • This issue has been fixed in the June update. However, if you canceled your subscription before June 22nd, an additional system mail may be sent.To check the exact subscription status, please refer to the information below.
    • App Store [Settings] – After touching [User Name] at the top, check the subscription status in the [Subscriptions] menu

If you are experiencing any other problem including the above issues, please reach out to us through our Customer Support. Krafton would appreciate the information you provide, for it will be a great help in solving the issue. Thank you for your patience as we work to make the Battlegrounds better!


New Round Deathmatch Mode DEAD ROCK

  • DEAD ROCK is a 4 vs 4 vs 4 round-based battlewith the Blue Zone closing in on the players in the battlefield.
    • Unlike prior Deathmatch modes, 3 teams will be competing against each other.
    • The game will have up to a maximum of 4 rounds, and the first team to win 2 rounds will emerge victorious.
      • The team that wins 2 rounds will be the winner. This means you should target the team that has won a round as top priority.
  • Before a round starts, each squad will be randomly deployed to three starting points.
    • The 3 starting points have different concepts and features.
      • Point A: An urban combat training area that is located at the highest location out of all three starting points
      • Point B: A starting point that has many rocks, which can be used as cover
      • Point C: A starting point where container boxes can be used as cover

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