WTC Points Table 2023-25: Early 3-horse race for WTC Final spot as New Zealand face Australia

WTC Points Table 2023-25: Early 3-horse race for WTC Final spot as New Zealand face Australia

India will remain in the Top 2 but will need Australia's help to attain the top spot, while Australia's only chance to top the table is to beat the Kiwis 2-0 and hope India don't win in Dharamsala. For New Zealand, a win and a draw will ensure their top spot.

The battle for the top two spots on the World Test Championship (WTC) Points Table 2023-25 is heating up. After India won the fourth Test in Ranchi, they leapfrogged Australia and occupied the second spot, while New Zealand continued to hold onto their top spot. However, with the 2-match New Zealand vs Australia Test series coming up, both sides have a chance to strengthen their WTC Final qualifying chances.

New Zealand431003675
as off February 26

WTC Points Table 2023-25: Top 3 Race

For New Zealand, which has a 75% success rate, the only way Australia can move out of the top 2 is if they lose both matches. If the Kiwis manage to win just one match and India doesn’t win their match, they’ll continue to be on top. For Australia, things are a little bit tough.

The only way Australia enters the top 2 is if they beat New Zealand 2-0. In all other scenarios, they can’t have a win percentage higher than either the Kiwis or India.

TeamWin 2Win 1-lose 1Win 1-draw 12 draws2 losses
New Zealand60 (83.33%)48 (66.66%)52 (72.22%)44 (61.11%)36 (50%)
Australia90 (62.5%)78 (54.16%)82 (56.94%)74 (51.38%)55 (45.83%)
Points (%)

With India scheduled to play just one more Test match, the best India can do is reach 74 points. Despite having the most points, India will still remain at number two with a 68.51 win percentage. If India draws the match in Dharamsala, they’ll have a 61.11 point percentage, and if they lose, they’ll end up with 62 points in nine matches and a 57.40 point percentage.

For India to enter the top spot, they’ll need New Zealand to lose at least one match and ensure they win theirs. Under no circumstances can India leave the top two even if they lose their match against England in Dharamsala.

TeamWin 1 matchlose 1 matchDraw 1 match
India74 (68.51%)62 (57.40%)66 (61.11%)
Points (%)

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