The curious case of Ishan Kishan ft. BCCI as exile from India squads lengthens

The curious case of Ishan Kishan ft. BCCI as exile from India squads lengthens

BCCI does a vanishing act on par with Harry Houdini on Ishan Kishan.

Ishan Kishan, once heralded as the next big thing in Indian cricket, finds himself in a curious predicament. Dropped from both Test and T20I squads, his absence raises more questions than answers, casting a shadow over his future with the Indian national cricket team.

Ishan Kishan’s Test journey began with a promising debut in West Indies, where he impressed with his clean keeping and gritty batting. He mostly warmed the benches for India a whole year after that. Yet, a request for a break during the South Africa tour, citing mental fatigue, marked a turning point. Whispers of partying in Dubai and TV appearances painted a contrasting picture to BCCI, fueling speculation about his commitment.

While Rahul Dravid clarified there were no disciplinary issues, Kishan’s continued absence from squads, including the ongoing Afghanistan T20 series, fueled the fire. The selection of Dhruv Jurel, a relatively unknown keeper for England Tests, only added to the intrigue.

Meanwhile, the veterans, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, made a surprise return to the T20 squad. This decision, while raising questions about India’s T20 direction, further highlighted Kishan’s uncertain position. Was his exile a message of discontent? Was he deemed unfit for the World Cup blueprint?

The answer, unfortunately, lies shrouded in the opaque corridors of the BCCI. Vague statements about Kishan “being in the scheme” as per Indian Express provide little solace, echoing the age-old carrot dangled before countless hopefuls.

What is BCCI thinking regarding Ishan Kishan?

This curious case transcends mere selection. It exposes deeper questions about Indian cricket’s handling of young talent. Did the team management lack empathy for Kishan’s mental well-being, dismissing it as a “Western concept”? Was his frustration at being benched misinterpreted as sulking?

Worse, did his decision to unwind outside the cricketing bubble cost him favor? The expectation seems to be for young players to grin and bear it, celebrating the undeserved extensions granted to seniors. This unwritten rule, however archaic, appears to hold sway.

A stark contrast emerges when compared to the bold faith placed in young blood before the 2007 World T20. MS Dhoni’s historic win without the likes of Tendulkar and Ganguly proved that investing in youth can reap rewards.

However, subsequent selection committees seem hesitant to replicate such leaps of faith. They opt for incremental hopscotch, never quite reaching the destination. To truly lead the cricket world, India’s decision-makers need to move with the times. They need to understand and support their players, both veterans and rookies, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the game.

The saga of Ishan Kishan-BCCI remains far from over. Whether he regains his place in the team or paves his own path, his exile serves as a cautionary tale for young talent. It also compels Indian cricket to introspect, to bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality, and finally, to shed the archaic cloak that stifles the growth of its future stars.

Ishan Kishan may be out of the limelight for now, but his story remains unfinished. And in the unfolding pages, lies a lesson waiting to be learned, a lesson about courage, empathy, and the true meaning of leadership in the dynamic world of cricket.


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