KL Rahul spills the beans on wife Athiya Shetty’s superstitions, when he’s batting

KL Rahul spills the beans on wife Athiya Shetty’s superstitions, when he’s batting

KL Rahul, right after slamming a ton at centurion against South Africa, had opened up on the online abuse he was subject to, after failing a few times.

It is difficult for any player to bounce back after bad form, and KL Rahul, who slammed a ton in the Centurion Test had opened up about his struggle as well. Now on Star Sports ‘Believe’, Rahul opened up on how his wife, Athiya Shetty was a constant support for him, and how she has a little superstition as far as cricket and her husband are concerned.

“She was with me. She’s always been with me through everything. She was more frustrated and angrier most days than I was. So, I found myself, trying to keep her calm than anything else. But it’s also the first time that she’d seen me go through something, like this. So, it was tough for both of us, but it also gave us time that we needed together, which was good for us,” Rahul said.

“Things started slowly and I think I need to go back to the same process again. I feel like the negativity manifested into the injury and in this phase, I just stayed happy and enjoyed the smaller things in life and enjoyed being at home, being with my wife, being with my family that helped me recover so much, so much faster and get back into the game much more happier and much more excited to play the sport that’s given me so much joy.”

Rahul revealed why Athiya wasn’t keen on watching World Cup matches at the stadium. “I kept telling her that it was special because the World Cup was at home, and you should come and watch the game in the stadiums a lot more. But she doesn’t like being in the stadium because she feels the pressure. She enjoys, she has a lucky spot at home. So, she wants to sit there. You know how, how partners can be. You know, they have their lucky positions, their lucky seat. They want to sit there and watch it and she’ll not move when I’m batting. She has certain superstitions that she has her own game that she plays when I’m playing the game. So, yeah, it’s very special,” Rahul added.


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