Super Computer predicts winner for Qualifier 2 & IPL final, former champs tipped to lift trophy

Super Computer predicts winner for Qualifier 2 & IPL final, former champs tipped to lift trophy

The stage is all set for the IPL 2024's ast two matches. SRH is all set to take on RR in qualifier 2, while winners will take on KKR in the final.

After RR beat RCB in the Eliminator of IPL 2024, it is now time for Qualifier 2 between RR and SRH, and both the teams gets a chance to make it to the summit clash of the season. KKR has already qualified for the final after beating SRH in the Qualifier 1, but the latter still have one more shot at the cherry.

The Qualifier 2 between SRH and RR will be played at the MA Chidambaram stadium in Chennai, on Friday, followed by the final on Sunday. While experts and fans may have their opinion, Supercomputer uses its own calculations to predict the winner of any clash, the SRH vs RR is no different. In fact, not just this match, Super Computer has already given its prediction for IPL 2024 final. Want to know, who is it going to be?

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RR to Make Finals, KKR to Lift IPL Trophy

As per our BETSiE Super Computer, after the IPL Qualifier 1 and Eliminator, the chances of KKR lifting the trophy have only increased significantly. While before the playoffs started, their chances were 38.10%, now they have become 53.80%. On the other hand, SRH’s chances of winning the cup are at 21.90%, while RR have their chances at 24.30%.

Not just that, BETSiE also predicts that RR has a slightly better chance of making the final, than SRH. RR’s chances are at 51.20%, while SRH’s are at 48.80%.

TEAMWin IPLReach Final
Kolkata Knight Riders53.80%100%
Sunrisers Hyderabad21.90%48.80%
Rajasthan Royals24.30%51.20%
Super Computer predicts IPL 2024 winner

Who will win IPL Qualifier 2?

BETSiE also predicts the number of runs and margins with which RR and KKR win their Qualifier 2 and final, respectively. RR is slated to score 190, while SRH will manage 186. This just shows that Rajasthan will sail through in the summit clash.

TeamWin %Runs
Super Computer predicts winner of Qualifier 2

Who will win IPL Final?

In the final scenarios, if SRH does make it to final, then KKR will score 212, and the former will score 198. In case of RR vs KKR, the latter will score 189, and RR will score 180.

TeamWin %Runs
Super Computer predicts winner of IPL Final

How does Super Computer produce the Prediction?

Our BETSiE Super Computer takes various factors into account while making the prediction. Match data including Run rate for, Run rate against, Overs faced and Wickets fallen of each team is taken into account. Expected scores for every match are determined using the match data that was previously mentioned. An average predicted run rate for and against is then assigned to each team.

After estimating each team’s expected run rates, BETSiE plugs those numbers into the IPL schedule and forecasts the scores of every match that’s coming up in the league, along with the likelihood that each team will win or lose. Following the estimation of each team’s expected run rates, BETSiE forecasts the scores of every upcoming IPL match as well as the probability of each team winning or losing by plugging those numbers into the league schedule.


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