IShowSpeed Skips KSI Vs Tommy Fury to Meet Virat Kohli and Witness India vs Pakistan

IShowSpeed Skips KSI Vs Tommy Fury to Meet Virat Kohli and Witness India vs Pakistan

IShowSpeed Opts for Virat Kohli Meet and India-Pakistan Match Over KSI Vs Tommy Fury Showdown

From Ohio, rising YouTube sensation Darren Jason Watkins Jr., famously known as iShowSpeed, has quickly risen to stardom, drawing millions of viewers to his live shows. Recently, his content has been heavily focused on India and cricket superstar Virat Kohli. And now exciting news reveals that he’s gearing up to attend the India vs Pakistan World Cup match. Interestingly, despite earlier hints of attending the KSI vs Tommy Fury event, he’s decided to skip it in favor of this momentous cricket face-off.

IShowSpeed prioritizes meeting Virat Kohli and watching India vs Pakistan over attending the KSI vs Tommy Fury

IShowSpeed captures his audience with an energetic repertoire—be it lively outbursts, playful pranks, or thrilling FIFA gaming sessions. One of his internet breakthroughs has been his fervent admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, and the catchy ‘Tunak Tunak’ song by Daler Mehndi. A few months back, the internet went wild as he met CR7, and now, the moment has come to meet Kohli, affectionately referred to as ‘Yrat’ by the YouTuber.

Yesterday, Mumbai was buzzing with excitement as Speed, an unexpected arrival in India, took the city by storm. On his first day, he met up with MC Stan and even had a friendly cricket match at Azad Maidan. His arrival created a massive buzz across India, and he’s now being treated like a superstar. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Speed mentioned he’s gearing up to meet Kohli and catch the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan match.

He stated, “I am here because of Virat Kohli. I want to see India beat Pakistan in the World Cup match tomorrow! And I will be there at the stadium. I don’t follow cricket back home, but I follow Kohli. So I want to meet him, and I am also excited to meet the Tunak Tunak guy (Daler Mehndi), I am just very excited!”

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In a recent stream, Speed had initially expressed interest in attending the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight and even participated in training sessions with KSI for the bout. However, it appears that he has decided to prioritize watching the India vs Pakistan match and meeting Virat Kohli, ultimately opting to skip the Prime Card match.


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