Is MS Dhoni injured? Stephen Fleming clears air on ‘No 9 mystery’

Is MS Dhoni injured? Stephen Fleming clears air on ‘No 9 mystery’

Is MS Dhoni injured or Fit? Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming clears the air on MS Dhoni batting at Number 9

MS Dhoni continues to make headlines. Be it for good or for bad, but he always stays in the limelight. Recently, the former India and Chennai Super Kings skipper has come under fire for batting at number 9. However, CSK coach Stephen Fleming has defended MS Dhoni by claiming that the team is managing his workload.

MS Dhoni is currently suffering from a knee injury. While questions remain on his fitness, but Fleming has made it clear that under no circumstance will Dhoni be allowed to bat for a long time. That means – fans can only experience Dhoni’s batting cameo.

Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming has remained tight lipped on the issue. He has claimed, “We’re managing his workload. It’s risky and we’ve seen that early on in the season with a little bit of muscle injury, that if he bats too long, we run the risk of losing him. So we’re trying to find that balance where he can have an impact on the match by just hitting sixes and fours, which he’s done pretty well and keep as well as some of the best in the competition, if not the best in the competition.”

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Is MS Dhoni Injured?

Fleming went on to emphasise on no condition will MS Dhoni be allowed to bat for long duration in the field in IPL 2024. “So don’t underestimate his influence on the team just because he comes in at number nine. There’s a timing aspect, but we’re very wary of what he can give us and we will max that out, but we don’t want to max it out where we lose him. So it’s a delicate balance.”

But the question remains why MS Dhoni? While CSK have a backup keeper, he is no MS Dhoni. Even at the age of 42 years, Dhoni continues to be good for the Yellow Army behind the stumps. But him batting at number 9 has drawn criticism far ans wide.

Harbhajan Singh expressed his displeasure on the issue claiming, “MS Dhoni shouldn’t play if he wants to bat at number 9. Including a fast bowler other than him in the XI is better. He is the decision-maker and has disappointed his team by not coming out to bat.”

“I’ve told you, there’s nothing there in terms of small muscle injury ages ago, but it’s only become news now. Yeah, he can run. He’s not going to bat for a long period of time, so finding that point, keeping is fine. He’s very economical with his movement, so he can keep in his hands and his hand-eye [coordination] and speed is as good as any,” Fleming concluded.


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