Hafeez cries foul over Rizwan’s dismissal, says ‘technology putting curse on beautiful game’

Hafeez cries foul over Rizwan’s dismissal, says ‘technology putting curse on beautiful game’

Pakistan vs Australia: Mohammad Rizwan scored 42 and 35 at the MCG Test, that put his side in a strong position.

The Mohammad Rizwan dismissal, on Friday, was one of the turning points of the Pakistan vs Australia second Test at the MCG, which the visitors ended up losing by 79 runs. At one stage Pakistan looked all set to go past the finish line, at 219/4, but then Rizwan’s controversial decision changed everything for the visitors.

After the match, Mohammad Hafeez was left fuming over the decision. “Technology, I’m in favour of that, if it is giving you the benefit, but if it is bringing some doubt and bringing some curse into the game it should not be acceptable by anyone,” Hafeez was quoted as saying by Fox Sports.

“We play this beautiful game of cricket on the basics of the game but sometimes the technology brings some decisions which obviously as a human we don’t understand. Hitting the ball into the stumps (on DRS) is always out. Why is there an umpire’s call? I’ve never understood that.

“I think there are a lot of areas that need to be addressed for the betterment of cricket in general where technology is taking away from the instinct of the game.

“We play this game for the fans but the fans will never understand why this technology is inconsistent and the result of the game comes up differently. This technology is basically putting a curse on this beautiful game of cricket and we need to address it.”

Hafeez went on to say that Rizwan ‘is an honest person’, and the latter said, he wasn’t out. “I spoke to him and he’s a very honest person and what he said to me was he did not even feel that it touched anywhere near the gloves.”

“And what we know is there should be conclusive evidence for the third umpire to reverse the decision.

“The umpire gave it not out and there was no clear conclusive evidence that the decision has to be turned over.”


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