GT vs KKR Weather Updates: Gujarat Titans knocked out of IPL 2024 after washout in Ahmedabad

GT vs KKR Weather Updates: Gujarat Titans knocked out of IPL 2024 after washout in Ahmedabad

After 6-7 hours of rain, lighting, and dust storms, the match has been called off at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

GT vs KKR Weather Updates: The weather gods didn’t want the Gujarat Titans to qualify for the IPL 2024 Playoffs. The home side was ranked eighth before the clash and despite gaining one point, they have been knocked out. The very slim chance they had of making the final four, was washed out as well today.

Ahmedabad Weather Updates

Match called off

The rain continues, and the GT vs KKR match has been called off. 

Covers off

The covers have been peeled off, and we might just have a game in Ahmedabad.

Match to be called off?

The ground staff at Narendra Modi Stadium would likely need about 40–45 minutes to get the ground ready. That means if the play doesn’t start in the next couple of minutes, the match will be called off.

No signs of improvement at Motera

Washout on the cards

Incessant rain continues, and right now it seems like there is no chance of a game happening at the Narendra Modi Stadium. 

Rain has picked up

Rain isn’t going away and has intensified quite a bit. There are still about 1.5 hours left until the game is abandoned. 

Will we see a game today?

The weather gods are not happy in Ahmedabad; he still has nearly 2 hours for the game to start.

Lighting strikes in Motera

Rain hasn’t stopped, and now we have lighting as well. We have also started losing overs. 

Rain slows down, but no sign of starting

The rain has subsided, but the covers remain on the pitch, and the umpire doesn’t seem too eager for an inspection. 

It’s still raining in Ahmedabad

The rain persists at Motera; no update on the toss yet.

The rain is getting heavier

We are already nearly an hour late, and the rain seems to have gotten heavier. It looks like it’s going to be a long night.

It’s drizzling again

The rain is back! We are already thirty minutes late, and it’s still uncertain when the play will start.

The covers are back

The GT vs KKR match isn’t going to start soon. The toss is yet to held and the covers have come back on.

The covers are off

We might see the toss happen soon. The covers are off in Motera.

Toss delayed due to bad weather

The rain seemed to have stopped, but the toss has been delayed.

Pitch completely covered at Motera

The dust storm, along with rain, is casting a shadow over the on-time start of the GT vs KKR match.

Rain refusing to stop

It’s looking like the toss will be delayed.

It’s raining heavily in Ahmedabad

There are 45 minutes left before the toss, and it’s pouring down in Ahmedabad. The chances of the match getting started on time seem rough.

Weather getting worse in Ahmedabad

With less than an hour left before the important clash, we are seeing rain and dust storms in Ahmedabad.


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