Dinesh Karthik suggests changes in IPL auction rules to restrict foreign players from exploiting loopholes

Dinesh Karthik suggests changes in IPL auction rules to restrict foreign players from exploiting loopholes

Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik opined that foreign players and their agents are exploiting the loopholes in IPL auction to fetch big contracts.

Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik has suggested few changes in IPL auction rules to restrict overseas players and their agents from exploiting the loopholes during the mini-auction.

Speaking on a video released by Cricbuzz, Karthik expressed his reservations about the IPL auction trend which he finds ‘unhealthy’. The RCB wicketkeeper batter pointed out that the mini-auction strategically utilized by foreign players and their agents, often results in absurd price tags.

“The mini auction is definitely used by players and agents very cleverly where they bring them on into the mini auction, and they go for absurd unheard of prices knowing that the teams come in with a lot of money and they have some holes to fill and enhance their price skyrockets to a different level”, Karthik said on Cricbuzz.

This unhealthy trend needs to stop: Dinesh Karthik

Drawing attention to recent instances involving players like Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc, who went for Rs 20.5 crore and 24.75 crore, respectively, in IPL 2024 auction, Karthik emphasised that players are rightfully prioritising national commitments, yet the tactic’s exploitation needs to be addressed to maintain the integrity of the auction process.

“Last year, it was Cameron green and Sam Curran and this year, it is Pat Cummins, and Mitchell Starc and it is no fault of there’s. They are just prioritising their country, their cricket. But also there’s a lot of tactics involved. I think players and agents are using this as a tactic where instead of coming to the main auction which happens every three years, they let that pass and come in the mini-auction that happens every year after and because of the holes available, they go for some crazy price and I think this unhealthy Trend should stop”, the 38-year-old added.


Karthik proposed two key solutions to clamp down this issue. The 38-year-old suggested that players who have been released and are coming into the mini-auction should not be allowed to get bids bigger than the ones they had in the main auction.

“I have two solutions. Anybody coming in the mini auction after they’ve been released from major auction can only go to the ceiling of the price that they’ve been bought in the major auction. So that there is no bad blood, among the players who’ve done well and have been retained in that team”, Karthik suggested.

“The second one in case, a player hasn’t been part of the major auction and comes through the mini auction. I think he can only go up to the point of the highest rated player in that team, whatever money he is bid for beyond that should be given back to the BCCI. I have a feeling that it will probably ensure sanity to some point”, the veteran Indian cricketer concluded.


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