CCL Live Score: Bengal Tigers outplay Kerala Strikers to win by 33 runs

CCL Live Score: Bengal Tigers outplay Kerala Strikers to win by 33 runs

CCL Live Score: Bengal Tigers take on Kerala Strikers in Celebrity Cricket League (CCL 2024) game in Sharjah

CCL Live Score: Bengal Tigers on Saturday outplayed the Kerala Strikers to hand then a second defeat in two days. Jissu Sengupta’s team lost the toss and was sent to bat first. Bengal rode on Jammy’s attacking half-century to score 128 in the first innings. In reply, Kerala Strikers scored 103 in the first innings. Bengal faltered a little bit in the second innings, scoring 91 runs. However, a dominant bowling performance in the fourth innings saw Kerala lose the tie by 33 runs.

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22:31: And it’s over! Bengal Tigers were too hot to handle for the Kerala Strikers as the latter lose two games in two days.

22:25: Kerala need 41 runs in the last over, Bengal assured of victory.

22:19: Kerala Strikers face improbable target of 46 runs in two overs.

22:08: Kerala facing uphill task of scoring 61 runs in 4 overs.

21:54: Kerala Strikers need 78 in six overs as Bengal Tigers gain upper hand

21:47: Kerala Strikers need 86 runs in 8 overs as Bengal seek to defend target for first win

21:34: Kerala Strikers lose wicket in first over, Bengal Tigers handed huge advantage.

21:25: Joy’s late onslaught help Bengal reach 91/6 in second innings, Kerala handed a target of 117 runs.

21:16: Bengal Tigers at 69/6 in second innings, Kerala Strikers get strong foothold in the game

21:08: Bengal Tigers losing wickets at regular intervals, at 58/4 after 7 overs.

21:02: Jammy upping the ante with some powerful strikes!

20:54: The flow of runs have been thwarted by the Kerala Strikers as as Bengal look to come back into the game.

20:42: Bengal Tigers are at 13/2 at the end of 2 overs.

20:37: Jissu Sengupta gone as Kerala Strikers handed huge advantage!

20:27: Kerala Strikers take 20 runs in last over, reach total of 103 in first innings.

20:21: Kerala Strikers quite far from Bengal’s score. They are at 83/2 after 9 overs.

20:13: Kerala Strikers looking to get close to the Bengal Tigers score as middle order batters look to score quick runs. They are at 63/2 after 7 overs.

20:03: Kerala Strikers in a spot of bother, lose two wickets in quick succession.

19: 49: Kerala Strikers upping the ante, at 27 for no loss after 3 overs.

19: 37: Kerala Strikers off to a good start with both openers striking hard.

19:26: Bengal Tigers post huge total of 128 as Jammy stars with unbeaten half-century.

19:14: Bengal Tigers complete 100 runs in just 7.2 overs.

19:11: Jammy scores half-century in just 18 balls.

19:07: It’s raining sixes in Sharjah! Kerala Strikers look clueless as Bengal Tigers move on course to a huge total. Bengal are at 84/1 after 6 overs.

19:03: Bengal Tigers making things difficult for Kerala as Bonny and Jammy complete 50 run partnership.

18:53: Jammy on a roll, scores 26 runs in the third over to propel Bengal Tigers to 45/1 at the end of third over.

18:47: Bengal Tigers scoring runs at a good pace. Jissu Sengupta’s side are 19/1 in two overs.

18:40– Bengal Tigers lose early wicket in first over as Joy is sent back to the pavillion.

18:20- Kerala Blasters look for comeback as they take on Bengal Tigers at Sharjah. Earlier today, Telugu warriors claimed a 8-run win over Bhojpuri Dabbangs.

Defending champions Telugu Warriors claim 8-run victory

The Telugu Warriors begin title-defendce Celebrity Cricket League (CCL 2024) with a 8-run win over Manoj Tiwari’s Bhojpuri Dabaangs. Bhojpuri Dabbangs won the toss and elected to bowl. Although the Telugu Warriors started strong, they were down by 3 in 6 overs. However, they picked up the pace setting up a score of 94 run in the first innings.

A stellar 43-run inning from Aditya Ojha made sure Bhojuri Dabbangs get in a commanding position as they end the innings on 103-3. Ojha hits four boundaries and three sixes before being dismissed, Telegu Warriors redeemed themselves in the second innings! Ashwin babu slammed a gritty 25-ball half century as they set a target of 110 for Bhojpuri Dabbangs.

Before, the Dabbangs had chance, telugu Warriors dismissed two quick wickets, However, Asgar Khan and Aditya Ojha led the chase but could not find the win for their side.

Follow the Telugu Warriors vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs CCL updates here:

18:09: And its a wrap! Bhojpuri Dabbangs finish with 101 from 10 over ! Telugu Warriors win!

18:02– Aditua Ojha is at again! and that is a six! it is 89-2 in 9 overs!

17:58: Manoj Tiwari & co need 42 runs from 2 overs to win!

17:52– Aditya looks to have given Bhojpuri Dabbangs some stabilityu with 62-2 in 7 overs

17:47– It is the end of the 6th over and Bhojpuri Dabbangs stand at 45-2

17:40– Manoj Tiwari and co need 74 runs to win off 32 balls!

17:37– Bhojpuri Dabbangs really need to pick up as they standt at 29-2 at the end of 4 overs

17:31– Its the end of the 3rd over and Bhojpuri Dabbangs are slummed ti 22-2!

17:25: Ashuman Rajout goes out and its 5-2 for Bhojpuri Dabbangs in 1.3 overs!

17: 20– Uday goes out as Bhojpuri Dabanggs lose the first wicket at the end of the first over! Its 4-1!

17:17– Bhojpuri Dabbang’s are ready for the chanse and Uday and Asgar open for them !

17:09- And its end of inning for Telugu Warriors! Ashwin hits a 6! and they end with 118-1 for one, setting a chase of 110 runs!

17:08- Its a FOUR and a FIFTY for Ashwin Babu in 25 balls!

17:07– And its a 6 for Ashwin Babu! Its 46 for him!

17:05– And its the ned of 9 overs for telugu Warriors! They stand at 100 for loss of one wicket

16:57– Asgar Khan takes the very important wicket as SS Thama goes out after 45 run-innings!

16:54– And its a 6 from Ashwin! Telegu Warriors stand at 85-0 in 7 overs!

16:46– Power hitting from Thaman and Ashwin and its 64-0 in 5.3 overs !

16:40– Its the end of 3rd over and Telegu Warriors stand at 52-0 !

16.32– And its a four from Zaman! Warriors end 3rd over with 41-0!

16:24– To concsecutive sixes from Thaman and Telugu Warriors are 29-1 in 2 overs

1617: And a fair start from Telugu Warriors! They stand at 10-0 in the end of first over!

16:10– Telugu Warriors come in for their second innings and Thaman and Ashwin Babu open!

16: 04– And its end of 10 overs for Bhojpuri Dabbangs who lead by 9 runs with a score of 103-3!

16:00– Asgar Khan goes and its 94-3 for Bhojpuri Dabbangs in 9.3 overs!

15:55– Aditya Ojha goes out! He hits a four before being caught out! He has scored 4 boundaries and 3 sixes!

15: 51- AND we have anither 6 from Aditya Ojhaaa! Its 83-1 in 8 overs for Bhojpuri Dabbangs!

15: 48: Manoj Tiwari is retired hurt and Asgar Khan takes his place!

15: 45: Another 6 from Aditya as Bhojpuri Dabbangs go 67-1 in 6.4 overs

15:36– Aditya hits two back to back sixes and four! Bhojpuri Dabbangsa re 47-1 in 5 overs!

15:31– Aditya comes in for Ram Yadav and Dabbangs are 28-1 in 3.4 overs!

15:25– What a start from Bhojpuri Dabbangs! Its 21-0 in 2.3 overs!

15:20– End of the first over! It is 7-0 for Bhojpuri Dabbangs!

15:15– Bhojpuri Dabbangs are all set for the chase! Captain Manoj Tiwari opens for the defending champions!

15: 06– The first innings for Telugu Warriors come to and end! and Telugu Warriors lead by 94 for 3!

15:02- Thaman hits a SIX!!! Telegu Warriors are 87-3 in 9.3 overs

14:55– Uday Tiwari comes to bowl as Telegu Warriors stand for 63-3 in 8 overs!

14:50: It is the end of 7 overs and the score stands at 55-3!

14:45: And its a SIXXXX!! for Ashwin! Telugu Warriors are 51-3 in 6.2 overs!

14:41- Telugu Warriors looks to have hit a down trod, Asgar Khan dismisses Prince! its 30-3 in 6 overs!

14:33– It is the end of 5 overs and Telugu Warriors stand at 34-2!

14:26– Sachin Joshi goes, Telugu Warriors at 26-2 in 3-3 overs!

14:19– And Manoj Tiwari takes Akhil!! Sachin Joshi walks in! Telugu Warriors stand at 22-2 in 2.3 overs!

14:13– And its a FOUR from Akhil! Telugu Warriors have made a great start! 13-0 in 1.4 overs!

14:11– Telugu Warriors stand at 7-0 at the end of the first over with Akhil Akkineni and Prince opening for the defending champions

14:05- The playing XI is here:

Telugu Warriors Squad

Akhil Akkineni (c), Sachin Joshi, Ashwin Babu, Sudheer Babu, Aadarsh, Nanda Kishore, Raghu, Prince, Harish, SS Thaman, Samrat

Bhojpuri Dabbangs Squad

Manoj Tiwari (c), Aditya Ojha, Asgar Khan, Ayaz Khan, Jay Yadav, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Uday Tiwari, Anshuman Singh Rajpoot, Sudhir Singh, Ram Yadav, Vikrant Singh

14:03- The coin is in the air! The TOSS is up! Bhojpuri Dabbangs have won the toss and choose to bowl!

14.00- Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the CCL Game between Telugu Warriors vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs!

Sharjah Cricket Stadium pitch

Sharjah Cricket Stadium will host the opening match of the CCL 2024. The wicket at the venue is ideally good for batting when the ball is new. However, the spinners come into play as the game progresses. The skipper winning the toss might look to have a field first.

Telugu Warriors Squad

Akhil Akkineni (c), Sachin Joshi, Ashwin Babu, Dharam. Aadarsh, Nanda Kishore, Nikhil, Raghu, Samrat, Taraka Ratna, Tarun, Vishwa, Prince, Sushanth, Khayyum, Harish.

Bhojpuri Dabbangs Squad

Manoj Tiwari (c), Ravi Kishan, Vikrant Singh, Aditya Ojha, Asgar Khan, Ayaz Khan, Jay Yadav, Vikas Singh Virappan, Ajhoy Sharma, Shailesh Sinha, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Parvesh Lal Yadav, Uday Tiwari, Anshuman Singh Rajpoot, Khesari Lal Yadav, Vikas Jha, Baivaw Rai, Sudhir Singh.


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