BCCI makes new changes to ICC’s Dead ball rule, enforces penalty system in Ranji Trophy

BCCI makes new changes to ICC’s Dead ball rule, enforces penalty system in Ranji Trophy

BCCI makes new changes to ICC's rules, Dead ball situation and penalty runs system addressed

Among the many rule changes that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has implemented, one such rule deals with the deal ball situation. The changes were done in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and the Vijay Hazare Trophy earlier. But now that the Ranji Trophy Season is starting, the same rules will be used.

Among other changes, the two bounces per over will also be used in IPL. After a successful trial in the SMAT, the BCCI has approved the rule and is therefore set to be used in IPL 2024.

Dead Ball Rule

The BCCI has made slight changes to the dead ball rule. The batter is now allowed to strike the ball for a second time under legitimate conditions. This can be done if the batter faces no interference from the keeper or any other fielders.

“The striker has a right to play the ball, or to make a legitimate second strike, after it has been delivered, without interference from the wicket-keeper or any other fielder,” states the rule.

“However, the striker may only attempt to play the ball if some of his/her bat or person, whether grounded or raised, remains within the pitch, as defined in Law 6.1 (Area of pitch). Should no part of the striker’s bat or person remain within the pitch, whilst the striker is playing the ball, either umpire shall immediately call and signal Dead ball.” the rule further states.

BCCI enforces new changes to ICC's rules, makes changes in Dead ball situation and penalty runs in Ranji Trophy

New Rule by BCCI

As per the new rules, the umpire can call the ball dead after informing the other umpire. When the penalty of 5 runs is applied to the batting side, the umpires should inform the captain of the fielding side and then the batsmen, followed by informing the skipper of the batting side.

“In the event of such unfair movement, either umpire shall call and signal Dead ball and inform the other umpire of the reason for doing so. The bowler’s end umpire shall then: ‘award the one-run penalty for Wide or No ball, if applicable’; ‘award 5 Penalty runs to the batting side; inform the captain of the fielding side of the reason for this action’; ‘inform the batters and, as soon as practicable, the captain of the batting side of what has occurred.'” states the new rule by BCCI.


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