Christian Horner OPENS up on Lewis Hamilton Prospect of Joining Red Bull

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner has opened up on the possibility of Lewis Hamilton joining Red Bull

Christian Horner and Lewis Hamilton Affirm on a Closer F1 Grid In Near Future

Red Bull Christian Horner recently opened up on the possibility of hiring Lewis Hamilton for the team. Hamilton is nearing the conclusion of his contract with Mercedes at the end of this season. The negotiations between the Briton and boss Toto Wolff have been going on in full swing, however, without an agreement so far. The two parties have made it clear on multiple occasions that they intend on putting pen to paper sooner than later.

However, this delay has inadvertently caused insinuations to arise from time to time. The latest update regarding this came after the Spanish GP weekend when the driver and team boss met on Monday to discuss the final rounds of negotiations. To fans’ disappointment, nothing conclusive came out after that meet as well. Seldom has it happened for Hamilton that contractual deadlock has almost crossed the mid of season.

As per certain reports, Hamilton is demanding an extraordinary deal from the German Manufactures. It reportedly includes post-retirement assurances as well. As per the news portal Crash, there are disagreements regarding certain aspects of this in-work contract. However, amidst all this, Horner gave his two cents on the Red Bull signing Hamilton prospect.

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Horner rules out the Lewis Hamilton possibility at Milton Keynes

Red Bull has made it more than obvious over the years that Max Verstappen is the main man on the team. There hasn’t been an occasion for a while where the team went after the best driver on the grid to pair them up with Max. Looking at the history of the sport, the lineup of two legendary drivers has rarely worked well for a team. Be it Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost or Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg paired up with Hamilton, it has ended bitterly for the drivers.

The overheated rivalry makes things tough for the boss to manage, and Horner is in no mood to entertain that. Apart from that, Hamilton and Verstappen are also the two highest-paid drivers on the grid. Horner was quick to remind the media of it in his cheeky reply. “It’s nothing that we’ve ever considered in the recent past. Obviously, to pay for those two drivers in itself, we would probably have to sell the factory,” said the Red Bull boss.

Red Bull F1 Honcho Gives His Two Cents Team's Lewis Hamilton Prospect

Moreover, he told about the instances when the team approached Hamilton for the same. “Lewis is obviously a great driver. There’s been a couple of occasions in history that we’ve had a couple of conversations about the possibility of joining Red Bull, but that’s not been anytime recently,” added Horner.

Tell us your opinion on the same. Would you like to see Hamilton and Max Verstappen together racing for a team? Comment below.

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