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How to Change Your CoD Mobile Login After Google Option Removal?

How to Change Your CoD Mobile Login After Google Option Removal?

Call of Duty Mobile removed the login through Google. Check out the guide Change COD Mobile Login after Google removal.

If you used to log into Call of Duty Mobile with your Google account. You’ll need to switch to one of the other options. Check out the guide to change COD Mobile Login method:

A guide to change COD Mobile Login Method

  1. Open Settings: Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the main CoD Mobile screen.
  2. Link Your Account: Find the “Link” option (it looks like a plus sign ‘+’) in the top right of the settings menu. Tap it.

Choose Your New Login:

Sign In: A browser window will pop up. Enter the email and password for the account you chose (Activision or Facebook).

Confirm: You should see a message saying the link was successful. Follow the prompts to log in with your new method. The game will restart.

Log in Again: From the CoD Mobile login screen, tap the button for your chosen method (Call of Duty or Facebook).

Activision Account: Tap the “Call of Duty” button to link to an existing Activision account or create a new one.

Facebook: Tap the Facebook icon if you want to connect your CoD Mobile account to Facebook.

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Important: If you don’t already have an Activision account, you’ll need to create one. Linking your account this way ensures you won’t lose any of your progress when switching login methods.


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