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COD Mobile Season 5: Battle Pass, New Weapon, and Scorestreak

COD Mobile Season 5: Battle Pass, New Weapon, and Scorestreak

Call of Duty Mobile aka COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass is around the corner with new weapon, scorecard, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is set to release on 22nd May 2024. The brand new update will bring new Battle Pass, weapon, and more. Check out the detailed information about COD Mobile Season 5: Battle Pass below:

COD Mobile Season 5: Battle Pass

The Digital Dusk Battle Pass features free and premium items, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and additional Call of Duty Points (CP) to spend on your next Premium Pass or Store purchase.

COD Mobile Season 5: Battle Pass,  New Weapon, and Scorestreak

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Swap to the fully automatic Machine Pistol, a relic of the past that fits into any fight with its high rate of fire and solid handling. When your squad needs a boost, call in the Emergency Airdrop that delivers three random Scorestreaks to the indicated location. Other free tier highlights include a variety of Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Vault Coins, and more.

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Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Premium Pass for the chance to earn all the content available in the Digital Dusk stream, including Operator Skins straight out of the dystopian future like Cipher – Codebreaker, Isabella – Scorched Isabella, Battery – BTRY-22, and Templar’s Shadow – Shrouded. Acquire Weapon Blueprints featuring futuristic designs like the AS VAL – Metal Hive, Locus – Arctic Cold, QXR – Silver Bones, EM2 – Steel Menace, and the Machine Pistol – Biometric, based on the new Season 5 weapon.


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