Top 5 Firearms in BGMI for close range fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Top 5 Firearms in BGMI for close range fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the most popular Battle Royale game in India. Players can choose from Top 5 Firearms in BGMI.

When the action heats up in BGMI and the fight spills into close quarters, having the right firearm can mean the difference between victory and a quick trip to the lobby. Here are the top 5 Firearms in BGMI to dominate those intense, in-your-face encounters:

Top 5 Firearms in BGMI


This reliable SMG is a close-range beast. With its high fire rate, low recoil, and manageable bullet drop, the UMP45 unleashes a storm of lead that shreds enemies at short distances. Its forgiving nature makes it perfect for beginners or players who struggle with controlling recoil. Plus, it offers great versatility, accepting a variety of attachments to further optimize its performance.

Beryl M762 (AR)

This assault rifle packs a serious punch, boasting the highest fire rate among all ARs in BGMI. It excels in close-range combat, melting down opponents with its rapid-fire capabilities. However, the Beryl’s recoil can be a handful. To tame this beast, equip a compensator and a foregrip to stabilize your aim. Mastering the Beryl rewards you with unmatched close-quarter dominance.


A classic powerhouse, the AKM is a force to be reckoned with. Renowned for its high damage output, it can eliminate enemies in a few well-placed shots. While the recoil can be significant, practice and proper attachments can make it a close-range monster. The AKM’s readily available ammo (7.62mm) adds to its convenience, making it a popular choice for aggressive players.

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DBS (Shotgun)

When the fight gets down and dirty within buildings or tight corners, the DBS shotgun reigns supreme. Its devastating spread of pellets can instantly eliminate opponents at point-blank range. However, its effectiveness diminishes at longer distances. Consider the DBS a specialized close-range weapon, perfect for surprising enemies around corners or in confined spaces.

Groza (AR)

This airdrop-exclusive weapon is a close-range dream come true. Combining a high fire rate with manageable recoil (compared to other high-damage guns), the Groza shreds enemies with laser-like precision. It boasts incredible damage and accuracy, making it a top contender for close-quarter supremacy. However, its rarity and limited ammo capacity make it a weapon to be cherished and used strategically.

Remember, choosing the best close-range weapon depends on your playstyle and comfort level. Experiment with these options, find what works for you, and dominate those intense BGMI battles!


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