GodLike Esports faces disqualification from SCS 2024 for Ringing

GodLike Esports faces disqualification from SCS 2024 for Ringing

Image via Skyesports
Skyesports announced the disqualification of GodLike Esports from the ongoing Skyesports Champions Series 2024 for rule violation.

Popular esports team GodLike Esports has been disqualified from the ongoing Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024. Skyesports has taken this strong action due to a rule violation called “ringing.” Ringing involves an unregistered player competing under a registered player’s name.

GodLike Esports Disqualified from SCS 2024 for Ringing

The issue came to light when Gill, playing under the alias GodL-Pookie on Day 5 of the Semifinals, was discovered to be unregistered with GodLike. Initially, the team claimed GodL-Pookie was a secondary account of another player, Zgod. However, investigations revealed otherwise.

Skyesports confirmed GodLike Esports themselves admitted Gill, not Zgod, was using the account. In light of these findings, it has been determined that player ringing has taken place, thereby violating the fair play regulations of the SCS Event. Consequently, Skyesports announced that Godlike Esports is hereby disqualified from further participation in the ongoing SCS event.

This blatant violation of fair play regulations resulted in GodLike’s disqualification. With their exit, only 23 teams remain in the Semifinals, with the top 16 advancing to the Grand Finals.

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This is a major setback for GodLike, who have been struggling in the BGMI scene. Despite a recent roster addition, Apollo, their performance in the Semifinals remained lackluster across all 20 matches. The team will now shift their focus to the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024.


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