BGMI A6 Royale Pass is now live, Check rewards

BGMI A6 Royale Pass is now live, Check rewards

Krafton introduces the brand new season of Royale Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Check out all rewards of BGMI A6 Royale Pass.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling Arabian Nights adventure with the brand new A6 Royale Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new Royale Pass is now live in the game. Check out the rewards of BGMI A6 Royale Pass below:

BGMI A6 Royale Pass: Rewards

  • Level 1 – Skyreign Cover and Headgear
  • Level 10- Lethal Loadout – VSS
  • Level 15 – Violet Venture Plane Finish
  • Level 20 – Bygone Realm Helmet
  • Level 30 – Dread Doc Groza, Dread Doc emote
  • Level 39 – Dread Doc Mask, Dread Doc Set
  • Level 50 – Lilac Finess – Thompson SMG
  • Level 55 – Shrouded Specter R189
  • Level 60 – Bygone Realm Backpack
  • Level 65 – RP Avatar (A6) and Stealth Dagger Ornament
  • Level 70 – Violet Venture Jet Sky
  • Level 80 – Purple Prowess Stun Grenade and Lilac Finesse Emote
  • Level 90 – Mystic Marvel M16A4
  • Level 100 – Lilac Finesse Set

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Pricing of RPA6

  • Monthly Pass: Access levels 1-50 for 360 UC in month 1, then 51-100 in month 2.
  • Full Pass: Get all levels upfront for 720 UC.
  • Elite Pass: Monthly (960 UC) or both months (1920 UC) for premium rewards.

Enjoy free rewards through missions or upgrade your experience with the Pass. Stay tuned for official announcements as the update approaches! Don’t miss out on this exciting journey! Prepare for new features, weapons, and the captivating world of the A6 Royale Pass.


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