With WFI elections done, is it the right time for protesting wrestlers to move on?

With WFI elections done, is it the right time for protesting wrestlers to move on?

The much awaited WF! Election concluded on December 21st with Brij Bhushan loyalist Sanjay Singh eleceted as the new President

During the course of the last one year, how many times have we been agitated to look at the plight of our top wrestlers? From witnessing them being dragged at Jantar Mantar to seeing them cry in front of the whole nation, only to get justice; it was all a big mess. Should the situation have gone that far, asking for the removal of then WFI president, who was accused of sexual harassment of women wrestlers? No. To go through the amount of pain that our national heroes went through, two of them Olympic medalists as well, we’re sorry.

They missed important training time, and that showed in their performances. A stern action against the culprit would have only set a precedent, that no one, the players or the federation, can get away with any wrongdoing. But instead, it took long to even file a chargesheet, let alone be punished.

WFI Elections & Protesting Wrestlers

But maybe, that’s how it all functions. While all this cannot be justified at any cost, it is time for the top wrestlers to focus on wrestling only. See, you had a fair chance of changing the leadership, and you managed to overthrow the current regime, but to protest any further from this will take you away from wrestling.

Due to your agitation, the national camps were stopped; whether right or wrong is debatable, but the performances were poor, and by a big margin. India’s reputation as a wrestling nation took a hit as we finished with no golds at the Asian Games, and one medal at the World Championships. The WFI was suspended by UWW, and the players had to play under their flag.

With the Paris 2024 Olympics approaching soon, we have only one quota till now, that too by a wrestler, whose chance you usurped, by not wanting to appear for the trials. You were unavailable for the Asian Games due to an injury but wanted to represent the nation without proving your worth. And yet, when one of you does have it your way, you are embarrassed in front of the whole nation.

Once again, there is no discounting the fact that what the ex-WFI president did was completely wrong, but your actions in the entire matter are not worthy of applause either. While taking up the cause for the junior wrestlers, you snatched away their chances to shine, even if unknowingly.

With WFI elections done, and Brij Bhushan loyalist Sanjay Singh eleceted, is it the right time for protesting wrestlers to move on?

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You could not keep the politics away from the entire issue and cried foul every time. You gave an impression to an average Indian wrestling fan, that it’s my way or the highway. Right after the election, one of you announced retirement, and it just was a testimony to that. Enough damage has already been caused, and the buck needs to stop now. Your sole focus should be on Paris 2024; and if not, there will soon be players who will take your positions, and get better results for the country from what you did.

WFI Election, New President & Responsibility

As for the ones in power, hope, you don’t treat this as a victory. There is a problem that needs to be resolved, and with immediate effect. Those who deny any mishaps taking place in the past are either ignorant, or don’t want to address the issue. Our wrestlers need a safe ecosystem, where they can thrive and win for the country.

To ensure better safety of our players is your utmost duty, and if these problems continue to persist, it will sink Indian wrestling to a place, from where it will be difficult to make a comeback. Hope, this doesn’t happen again.


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