Will Paris Olympics 2024 quota winners qualify directly? WFI to discuss selection criteria on May 21st

Will Paris Olympics 2024 quota winners qualify directly? WFI to discuss selection criteria on May 21st

WFI President Sanjay Singh announced that the fresh WFI selection trials for Paris 2024 will be held on June 10th

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) is set to finalize the selection criteria for assembling the Indian team for the Paris Olympics on May 21. With six quota places secured for the Summer Games, predominantly in women’s wrestling, the selection process is crucial. Only Aman Sehrawat secured a quota in the men’s freestyle 57kg category.

Previously, the WFI announced its intention to conduct a final trial to determine the wrestlers representing the nation at the Paris Games, starting on July 26. As per the outlined criteria, wrestlers who secured top-four positions in previous trials will face off, with the winners competing against the quota winners for Olympic roster spots.

“The WFI has called a selection committee meeting in Delhi on May 21 to decide on the selection criteria. The two chief coaches in both styles (men’s freestyle and women) will be part of the discussions,” a WFI source told PTI.

Will the Paris Olympics 2024 quota winners directly qualify

The decision whether to proceed with trials or allow quota winners to compete directly at the Games will be intriguing for the WFI selection committee. This decision could impact wrestlers like Ravi Dahiya and Sarita Mor, potentially ending their Paris Olympic aspirations.

In the previous Tokyo Games, quota winners retained their spots without undergoing trials. Led by seasoned Vinesh Phogat, India boasts five women wrestlers vying for medals. There’s a prevailing sentiment that holding trials so close to the Games may not be necessary, considering the caliber and readiness of the athletes.

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Lalit Kumar, Vinesh Phogat demand for clear, fresh selection trials

Dronacharya awardee Lalit Kumar, head coach at Chhatarasal Stadium in Delhi, highlighted why trials might not be essential in all categories. He emphasized the recent qualifications of most wrestlers, indicating their current form and fitness levels.

Aman has expressed concerns about trials, stressing the need to focus on Games preparation rather than undergoing another painful process of weight-cutting. Vinesh Phogat also seeks clarity on the trial procedures from the WFI.

Some within the WFI feel that trials are unnecessary just two months before the Games. The sentiment is that with athletes’ recent qualifications and performances, their readiness is apparent without the need for additional trials.

The upcoming selection committee meeting on May 21 will be pivotal in determining the path forward for Indian wrestlers aspiring for Olympic glory. The decision made will impact the final composition of the Indian wrestling team heading to Paris, shaping their quest for Olympic success.


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