Most Runs in a calendar year in Test cricket

Former Pakistan batter Mohammed Yousuf holds the record for most runs scored in a calendar year in Test cricket, with 1788 in 2006. Sir Viv Richards, a West Indian batting legend, is ranked second, having scored 1710 runs in 1976. England’s run-machine Joe Root is ranked third, with 1708 runs in 2021. The batters with the most test runs in a calendar year are listed below.

Mohammad Yousuf (Pakistan)200611191178820299.33285462.6493
Viv Richards (West Indies)1976111901710291901584+72.85*75
Joe Root (England)202115291170822861300456.8564
Graeme Smith (South Africa)200815252165623272251665.8166
Michael Clarke (Australia)2012111831595329*106.33241865.9653
Sachin Tendulkar (India)201014233156221478.1279455.975
Sunil Gavaskar (India)197918271155522159.82433+47.43*58
Ricky Ponting (Australia)200515285154420767.13251861.3166
Ricky Ponting (Australia)2003111831503257100.2249460.2664
Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)201412221149331971.09270755.1549

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