Fastest to 1000 runs in Tests

Herbert Sutcliffe of England and Eddie Weekes of the West Indies were the fastest to reach 1,000 runs in Tests. Both cricketers managed to reach the figure in just 12 innings. Don Bradman is next on the list, having scored 1,000 runs in 13 innings. Neil Harvey of Australia took 14 innings to become the fastest to reach 1,000 runs. Check out which other players made the list.


OppositionGroundMatch DateDebutTimeMatInns
Herbert Sutcliffe (England)v AustraliaMelbourne13-Feb-2514-Jun-240y 244d912
Eddie Weekes (West Indies)v IndiaBrabourne4-Feb-4921-Jan-481y 14d912
Don Bradman (Australia)v EnglandLeeds11-Jul-3030-Nov-281y 223d713
Neil Harvey (Australia)v EnglandBrisbane1-Dec-5023-Jan-482y 312d1014
Vinod Kambli (India)v West IndiesWankhede18-Nov-9429-Jan-931y 293d1214
Len Hutton (England)v West IndiesLord’s24-Jun-3926-Jun-371y 363d1116
Frank Worrell (West  Indies)v AustraliaAdelaide22-Dec-5111-Feb-483y 314d1016
Lawrence Rowe (West Indies)v EnglandPort of Spain30-Mar-7416-Feb-722y 42d1216
George Headley (West Indies)v AustraliaSydney27-Feb-3111-Jan-301y 47d917
Sid Barnes (Australia)v EnglandLord’s24-Jun-4820-Aug-389y 309d1117

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