Dmitry Bivol’s Ex Wife Ekaterina Opens Up After Divorce With The Boxer: ‘Not Sad’

Dmitry Bivol’s Ex Wife Ekaterina Opens Up After Divorce With The Boxer: ‘Not Sad’

Dmitry Bivol's ex wife Ekaterina opens up on her struggles after separation from the WBA champion

Dmitry Bivol and Ekaterina appear to have divorced after 16 years of togetherness. The WBA light heavyweight champion hasn’t talked about it yet. However, his ex-wife has spoken about it.

Bivol has always been secretive about his personal lie and maintains a distance from excessive media attention. That said, Ekaterina revealed about meeting a therapist after a tough split up from ex-husband Dmitry Bivol.

As reported by Russian. Postsen.com. She said, “Dima and I broke up two months ago, but emotionally even four months. I went to a psychologist a few months before the breakup. I felt that everything was bad. It saved me.”

“I’m not sad without Dima. What should I get used to? I have always been alone for at least six months, and over the past year we have not seen each other for 10 months, I am very used to loneliness. I feel sad at times, but I thought it would be worse. Turns out I’m much stronger than I thought. Surprised by myself.”

Dmitry Bivol and Ekaterina are parents of two children- Miron and Nikon. The couple reportedly spent 16 years together after meeting for the first time in an airplane. Bivol was yet to become a world champion back then.

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Ekaterina on How The Break Up With Dmitry Bivol Happened

Dmitry Bivol’s ex-wife also opened up on why she is no longer with the champion boxer, as she couldn’t recall any ‘real reason’. She called it ‘nonsense’ but didn’t claim anything that would hamper his former husband’s reputation.


Ekaterina told, “I myself do not understand how it all happened. There was no real reason to end the relationship. It seems to me that in a year I won’t even remember, because the occasion was insignificant. It’s just some kind of nonsense, but maybe there is something else … I lived a cool 16 years, very difficult, but also successful at the same time, with my loved one. I don’t regret anything. I am grateful to fate.”

As the WBA champion hasn’t spoken about it, it’s hard to note what actually happened between the couple. Following his win over Canelo Alvarez in May 2022, Dmitry Bivol has become a boxing superstar.

Boasting off a 21-0 record and a world championship, the Russian prodigy hasn’t announced his next in-ring appearance.

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