WWE HOF Hulk Hogan Mocked For Claiming UFC Wanted To Sign Him

WWE HOF Hulk Hogan Mocked For Claiming UFC Wanted To Sign Him

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Hulk Hogan, a WWE Hall of Famer credited with transforming the wrestling landscape, is met with digital derision. His recent statement of UFC interest during its 90s debut contradicts historical knowledge, sparking skepticism and online jests.

While WWE has introduced many individuals to fame, it’s Hulk Hogan who undeniably elevated the company to prominence. Sporting his iconic Yellow and Red persona, he stood as the embodiment of WWE, packing arenas with countless fans. His immense star power propelled him from Hollywood to various other endeavors. Yet, online, doubts arose regarding his assertion of having fought in Pride and UFC, provoking fan skepticism and even mockery. Let’s dive in and find out the details of it. 

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Fans Unleash Mockery as Hulk Hogan’s Claims Draw Skepticism

In a recent tweet, Bloody Elbow reported that Hulk Hogan made an intriguing claim, stating that he had fought PRIDE Fighters back in the 1970s. However, this assertion raises eyebrows since PRIDE’s inaugural event didn’t take place until 1997, and the UFC’s first pay-per-view event occurred in 1993. 

Moreover, Hogan was quoted in Melbourne’s Herald Sun as saying he was invited to participate in the inaugural UFC event, but Campbell McLaren, one of the co-creators of the UFC, has categorically denied any such offer from the UFC. This has led to a bit of a controversy, with timelines and statements not aligning as they should. So fans on twitter reacted to this as follows.

Online fans assert that Hogan has been consistently making such statements for quite some time, suggesting that this behavior is likely to continue. Intriguingly, this recent claim isn’t the sole instance raising doubts, as he’s also previously mentioned having 24-inch biceps. Strangely, no reports seem to validate this claim, prompting internet users to question his credibility. 

However, fans acknowledge that despite his penchant for stretching the truth, Hogan will forever retain his superstar status due to his monumental contributions to the sport.

In the meantime, Hogan remains active in various pursuits, both within and outside the realm of professional wrestling. He frequently engages with fans at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Florida, offering a treasure trove of memorabilia from his storied career. Despite the online mockery, there’s an anticipation among fans for Hogan’s next WWE appearance.

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