England and Australia fined & docked points for slow over rate in Ashes 2023

England and Australia fined & docked points for slow over rate in Ashes 2023

England and Australia have been fined and docked points in the ongoing World Test Championship 2023–25 due to their slow overrate in Ashes 2023.

England and Australia have been docked points in the ongoing ICC World Test Championship 2023–25 (WTC 2023–25). The teams that were participating in the high-energy-fueled Ashes 2023 were also fined for maintaining a slow over-rate throughout the series. As per ICC regulations, both teams were fined five percent of their match fee and one WTC point for every over they were short of.

Pat Cummins and Co. will lose 10 crucial WTC points due to their slow over-rate in the fourth Ashes Test at Old Trafford. Meanwhile, the hostts were docked 19 WTC points for there shortcomings in four of their five Ashes 2023 Tests.

Ashes 2023: England & Australia have been fined & docked points in ongoing World Test Championship 2023–25 (WTC 2023–25) due to slow overrate.

The sides gain 12 points for a Test win, four points for a draw, and no points for a loss in the WTC.

England fell two overs short in the first Test at Edgbaston, nine in the second Test at Lord’s, three in the fourth Test at Old Trafford, and five in the last and final Test at The Oval.

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Typically, a team needs to bowl 90 overs in a day.

The latest changes to the over-rate sanctions in Tests were announced at the ICC Annual Conference in Durban, South Africa on Thursday, 13 July, and were put into effect from the start of the current WTC cycle.

Australia were handed a 50 percent fine of their match fee (five percent for each over short with a maximum of 50 percent) for 10 overs in Manchester (fourth Test).

England have been fined 10 percent for the first Test, 45 percent for the second, 15 percent for the fourth, and 25 percent for the fifth of their match fee for slow-over rate offences in the first two and the last two Tests respectively.

The closely fought Ashes series ended in a 2-2 draw after England won the last Test by 49 runs on Monday, 31 July. Australia, who had won the previous series, retained the trophy.

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