EA UFC 5 New Gameplay: Cinematic KO Replay, Submission Update & more

EA UFC 5 New Gameplay: Cinematic KO Replay, Submission Update & more

EA UFC 5 New Gameplay: Cinematic KO Replay, Submission Update & more
Get ready for the forthcoming EA Sports extravaganza with EA UFC 5 gearing up for an October debut. Before the big launch, we're treated to a sneak peek that offers a glimpse into the exciting new features and elements within the game this time around.

EA Sports’ esteemed UFC game series has catered to the MMA community for a significant duration, earning acclaim. The upcoming launch of UFC 5, anticipated with great fervor, is reportedly scheduled for October 27. With excitement running high, fans are eagerly awaiting the chance to delve into the game’s gameplay specifics and discover its novel features and exciting updates. As a gamer, you’ll find all the essential details you need to know about this highly anticipated release.

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EA UFC 5 Gameplay

The anticipated launch date for UFC 5 is October 27. Despite EA’s past MMA game release patterns being unpredictable, it’s unlikely they’ll drop NHL 24 and UFC 5 simultaneously. An early access window, most likely spanning three days, is expected to precede the full release. However, this time we have the legendary superstars too.

According to information of insider, EA Sports UFC 5 has undergone substantial enhancements. With the Frostbite engine, the game now operates at 60 frames per second, boasting detailed characters, improved lighting, and an updated environment presentation to elevate the gaming experience. 

The implementation of more precise damage mechanics and the integration of diverse injury regions contribute to a heightened sense of realism during fights. The addition of a new cinematic replay feature for knockouts, along with the depiction of broken noses, swollen eyes, and lasting impairments affecting fighters throughout the match, are particularly noteworthy improvements. 

Pricing and Other Details

EA Sports has given fans a glimpse of their much-anticipated MMA video game, EA Sports UFC 5, through a teaser trailer. While the exact game features remain under wraps, the 11-second video showcases a fighter who strikingly resembles Alex Volkanovski, the current UFC Featherweight Champion.

In terms of pricing, it’s probable that UFC 5 will adopt a pricing structure similar to other EA game such as FIFA. These games typically come with a standard edition priced at $69.99 across all platforms, and it’s anticipated that UFC 5 will follow suit in this regard. Moreover, there’s excitement about the possibility of a deluxe edition for the game, which might fall within the price range of $70 to $100.

UFC 5’s cover will showcase Alexander Volkanovski and Valentina Shevchenko, with Israel Adesanya taking the spotlight on the Deluxe Edition. It’s worth mentioning that the game has obtained an “M for Mature” rating, marking its intensified realism in depicting octagon damage. The exciting part is that EA Sports is providing fans a chance to experience the excitement early through a closed beta version of UFC 5 ahead of the official release date.

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