Casemiro SPEAKS about possible Vinicius Jr TRANSFER to Premier League due to racial abuse

Casemiro SPEAKS about possible Vinicius Jr TRANSFER to Premier League due to racial abuse

Vinicius Jr stood up against La Liga’s inactivity towards racial abuse. He previously wrote on Twitter to say he will fight against this abuse even if it was far away. His Brazi teammate Casemiro echoed his words. He said Vinicius could leave Real Madrid and Premier League can be an option for him.

Vinicius Jr TRANSFER: Vinicius Jr fell victim to unbearable racial abuses during the Real Madrid vs Valencia match a few days ago. Later, Vinicius Jr took to Twitter to stand up against the matter and hinted that he will keep fighting even if he had to leave. His Brazil teammate and former Los Blancos teammate Casemiro has echoed his words and said it would not be surprising if Vinicius decided to leave and Premier League could be one option. Follow La Liga LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN.

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Following the horrible incident during Real Madrid’s clash against Valencia, Vinicius Jr raised his voice on social media. His posts indicated that he would fight against racism in La Liga even if was from far away. Casemiro spent three years with the talented Brazilian in Real Madrid. They also play together for Brazil internationally. He showed solidarity with his teammate and echoed his words. He said he would not be surprised if Vinicius left and one option for him could be the Premier League. 

He said, “I am glad that he is at Real Madrid. But it would not surprise me if he wanted to leave. That he wanted to move to another league where there is a fight against racism. Here [in England], for example, is an option. If you look at it, they must do what is good for La Liga to fix it – not only for Vinicius, but for all of the players. Because it is a cultural issue that is very ugly.”

He added, “It is an issue of culture and education. I thought it was great what Vinicius did [by standing up]. He was very sad and I know how much that impacts him. But it is good to be honest and it is not the first time that Vinicius has been targeted. It bothers us that there are still people like that. It is not the first time that Vinicius has complained, he complaints a lot. I think that La Liga has to take measures, because they can’t lose a player like that.”

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Casemiro says Vinicius Jr racial abuse is a problem in La Liga, he says Vinicius Jr transfer to Premier League from Real Madrid is possible

The Brazilian has been a victim of racial abuse again and again. He has complained several times regarding the issue. However, it mostly went unnoticed until Real Madrid’s match against Valencia a few days ago. The unbearable abuse toward the player resulted in a pause in the game. Vinicius looked to be in tears when he pointed out the opposition supporters who were racially abusing him with monkey chants. The match was resumed and in the last moments, Vinicius lost his cool as he got involved in a feud with Valencia striker Hugo Duro. 

Following the feud, he received the very first red card of his career. However, he peacefully left the pitch. He then went on social media to stand against the continued racial abuse. He wrote, “The racists have won their prize – I was sent off. No es futbol, es La Liga” In the Tweet, in Spanish, he added La Liga’s tagline – “It is not football, it is LaLiga” in protest to say how La Liga has been inactive regarding the matter.

He wrote another Tweet saying, “In Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists. I will go all the way against racists. Even if far from here.” His red card and suspension both were rescinded later and Valencia were punished. Valencia have been fined £25000 and been ordered to close down their Mario Kempes South Stand for three home games.

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