BCCI official BLASTS PCB for delaying WC Schedule

BCCI official BLASTS PCB for delaying WC Schedule

With the ongoing delay for the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, a senior BCCI official blasted PCB for delay

World Cup 2023 Schedule: It is no surprise that the BCCI and the PCB are at loggerheads regarding the release of the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule. With the Pakistan Cricket Board demanding late changes as per their requisite, the BCCI is frustrated with the constant delay of the schedule. Initially, it was decided that the schedule would be released after the WTC Finals. But now, it seems that the schedule will be released next week.

WHY is there DELAY in World Cup Schedule? Check real reason

Last week the ICC sent a draft schedule and asked the BCCI and the PCB to provide their feedback for the same. While India has no objections to the draft schedule, the PCB has requested two major changes in their matchups which has further delayed the release of the schedule.

PCB can say whatever they like. But the fact is that PCB is responsible for the delay in announcing the schedule. First, Pakistan were not ready to play in Ahmedabad, now they are not ready to play in Chennai. They are always insecure,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport.IN

The tussle between BCCI vs PCB has led to the delay in the release of the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule, BCCI official blames PCB for delay

The PCB were adamant from the very beginning that they won’t face India at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad citing Safety Concerns. It was then resolved that India will face their arch rivals at a new venue, i.e Chennai. However, upon receiving the draft schedule, Pakistan has now requested the BCCI to change their venue from Chennai for their match against Afghanistan.

BCCI refuses to GRANT Pakistan’s wish, PAK vs AFG World Cup 2023 match in Chennai despite PCB’s objection

PCB have claimed that the Pakistan Cricket Team won’t be comfortable facing a spin heavy Afghani side in a spin-friendly track in Chennai. On the other hand, PCB also have demanded that their match venue against Australia at Bangalore be changed. In simple words, PCB wants to face Afghanistan in Bengaluru and Australia in Chennai. But the BCCI has dismissed the request and now the ICC is mediating the process.

Coming to the delay in the release of the schedule, the senior BCCI official voiced his displeasure claiming that PCB are solely to be blamed for the delay. After initially demanding to change their venue, they are again asking for the same thing. The official went on to term PCB as insecure.

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