Cricket back in Olympics! Check how Shah Rukh Khan & KKR planned biggest heist

Cricket back in Olympics! Check how Shah Rukh Khan & KKR planned biggest heist

Shah Rukh Khan & KKR CEO Venkat Mysore played a pivotal role in cricket's return to Olympics as they had repeated meetings with LA28 delegates that recommended cricket's return after 128 years.

Cricket in the Olympics — it has been a journey of Mission Impossible to Mission Inevitable. From BCCI’s refusal to eventual agreement to IPL’s growing popularity and the USA’s newfound love with a “foreign” sport, cricket is set for return in LA28 Olympics. While many officials pulled the strings, the fans also need to thank someone they adore — Shah Rukh Khan. The Bollywood superstar and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders played a huge role in cricket’s return after 128 years.

In fact, before cricket’s bid to return to the Olympics, Shah Rukh Khan held a meeting with Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India and Vivek Mysore, KKR CEO at Mannat, his residence in Mumbai as per Cricbuzz.

SRK & Cricket in Olympics

There is no doubt that Shah Rukh Khan played a pivotal role in the success of the Indian Premier League (IPL). His popularity was such that the crowd increased every time he was present at the ground. Garcetti who was Los Angeles Mayor before assuming the role of US Ambassador to India was very well aware of cricket dynamics.

Cricket in Olympics! Check how Shah Rukh Khan & Kolkata Knight Riders planned cricket's return in LA28 Olympics with ICC & LA Knight Riders

And when Shah Rukh Khan bought the LA franchise in Major League Cricket, the popularity shot up.

“I mean, Shah Rukh Khan has a cricket team in my hometown! I think we’re only going to see enthusiasm grow as the world’s greatest cricketers come face-to-face on a global stage. This also shows the power of sports bring people together – transcending linguistic and cultural differences and connecting us all in an accessible and inclusive way,” the US Ambassador to India told Cricbuzz.

His popularity in India notwithstanding, he has a massive following even in the USA, especially Los Angeles.

KKR’s hand in cricket’s return

Following the meeting in Mannat with Shah Rukh Khan present, KKR CEO Venkat Mysore flew to Los Angeles for the Major League Cricket. There, he met with Casey Wasserman, the chairman of LA28. While Wasserman denied that there was any discussion regarding cricket’s return to the Olympics, shortly after the meeting with Mysore in LA, Wasserman and his LA28 delegation met with the ICC delegation.

Even Vivek Mysore was also present in the meeting apart from Claire Furlong, ICC’s head of marketing and communication.

“KKR have been huge supporters of our bid for Olympic inclusion. Of course, there is an LA Knight Riders franchise in the MLC, so it makes perfect sense as we look to grow the sport in the USA. We’ve talked with them a lot throughout and they’ve been fantastic supporters,” an ICC official said.


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