GodLike Esports owner Kronten vows to reclaim BGMI crown

GodLike Esports owner Kronten vows to reclaim BGMI crown

In an exclusive interview with Insidesport, Kronten, owner of Godlike Esports spoke about the journey of org and their plans for the future

GodLike Esports is one of the most popular and successful esports organizations in India. They have won numerous tournaments across various games, including Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Kronten, the owner of GodLike Esports, is a passionate gamer and entrepreneur who has been instrumental in the team’s success. In an exclusive interview with Insidesport, Kronten spoke about GodLike Esports‘ journey and their plans for the future.

What are your thoughts on Godlike Esports’ recent downfall in the BGMI competitive scene?

BGMI is a relatively new game, and the competitive scene is still evolving. As a result, it is not surprising to see teams rise and fall in popularity. Godlike Esports, a dominant force in the BGMI competitive scene, and has seen its recent  struggles. We have complete faith that Godlike Esports is a talented team with a lot of potential. The recent downfall is a temporary blip. We will return to dominate the BGMI competitive scene with a lot of hard work and dedication from the players and the organization and can bounce back and reclaim our place at the top of the BGMI.

How confident are you that Godlike Esports can return to the top of the BGMI competitive scene?

Godlike Esports has the potential to return to the top of the BGMI competitive scene no doubt. However, it will require a lot of hard work and dedication from the players and the organization. There are a number of factors that give me reason to be cautiously optimistic.

  • First, Godlike Esports is still a very talented team. We have a lot of experience at the highest level of competition, and have a proven track record of success.
  • Secondly, the team has the whole organization and the loyal GodLike fans behind them. The organization has the resources and the expertise to help the team overcome their challenges. Our fans that keep cheering for us give us another reason to keep pushing forward
  • Third, the BGMI competitive scene is still relatively young. The meta is constantly evolving, and there is always room for new teams to emerge and challenge the established order.

What are the biggest challenges and rewards of running a successful esports organization?

Running a successful esports organization is a challenging but also rewarding endeavor. It requires a deep understanding of the esports industry, a passion for gaming, and the ability to manage a team of talented individuals.

Player management presents a significant challenge. Esports players are often individuals with strong personalities and they may not always align with the decisions made by coaches and managers. Cultivating a positive and supportive team environment is crucial to maximizing player performance. The esports landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, with new teams and organizations emerging constantly. To stay ahead of the curve, it is essential to embrace innovation and adaptability. Esports players and coaches often face immense pressure to perform, working long hours under intense scrutiny. To prevent burnout and maintain mental well-being, prioritizing breaks and self-care is essential. Despite these challenges, the rewards of running a successful esports organization are plentiful. Building a passionate and engaged community can provide a steady source of support. Developing the next generation of esports professionals is an immensely rewarding experience, contributing to the overall growth and quality of the industry.

Role of Sponsorships in Esports Industry

What are your thoughts on the role of sponsorships in the esports industry?

We feel sponsorships play a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of the esports industry. They provide essential financial support to esports teams, organizations, and tournaments, enabling them to cover operational costs, invest in infrastructure, and attract and retain top talent.

Sponsorships contribute significantly to the financial stability of esports entities. The esports industry is still relatively young, and many organizations struggle to generate revenue through traditional means such as ticket sales or broadcasting rights. Sponsorships provide a reliable stream of income, allowing these entities to focus on their core activities and pursue their long-term goals.

Further they enhance the visibility and reach of esports organisations and the players. By associating their brands with esports events, teams, and players, they gain exposure to a vast and engaged audience of passionate gamers and tech enthusiasts. This exposure can translate into increased  awareness, positive brand perception, and ultimately, sales growth.

It is an integral part of the industry, providing financial stability, driving innovation, and contributing to the growth of ecosystem. As esports continues to expand and gain mainstream recognition, the role of sponsorships will only become more prominent, shaping the future of this dynamic and exciting industry.

Kronten shared the Future Plans for GodLike Esports

What are your plans for Godlike Esports’ content creation in the future?

Godlike Esports is committed to producing high-quality, engaging content that will resonate with the target audience. We plan to diversify our content formats, expand platform presence, collaborate with other creators, prioritize production quality, enhance audience engagement, promote diversity and inclusion, support grassroots esports, leverage data and analytics, explore brand collaborations.

What are your goals for the organization in terms of competitive success, content creation, and fan engagement in the next five years? 

Instead of rushing ahead like a sprinter, Godlike Esports embraces the marathon format, understanding that steady progress towards a clear goal is more sustainable and rewarding. We are focused on long-term growth and development.

Looking at the esports landscape in five years, we foresee a surge in new games, innovative IPs, and a wider reach for esports enthusiasts. Esports is gaining mainstream recognition, with even celebrity figures like Hardik Pandya and Ranveer Singh being featured as the faces of BGMI in India. This trend of athletes and entertainers embracing esports is likely to continue, further enhancing the industry’s visibility and appeal. Godlike Esports is committed to playing the long game, building a strong foundation and fostering a passionate community that will contribute to the enduring success of the esports industry in India. By focusing on quality over quickness, we are confident in our ability to achieve lasting impact and become a dominant force in the esports world

What are some of the most memorable moments in the history of Godlike Esports?

Godlike Esports is a thriving organization with a remarkable track record of success in the esports arena. Our players have consistently demonstrated their exceptional talent and passion, achieving remarkable feats on the global stage. Just recently, one of our elite Fifa players had the honor of representing India in the prestigious Asia Cup tournament, showcasing their skills and putting the Indian esports flag on the map.

Additionally, our CoD Mobile team has reigned supreme in India for the past three years, maintaining an undefeated streak and cementing their position as the undisputed champions of the game. Their dominance is set to extend beyond national borders, as they prepare to embark on a momentous journey to the United States to compete in the world stage of competitive CoD Mobile. This international venture is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the organization’s commitment to providing our players with opportunities to showcase their talent on the grandest of platforms. Alongside our CODM and eFifa prowess, Godlike Esports also holds a distinguished position in the BGMI scene. We have proudly lifted trophies in numerous domestic competitions, showcasing our prowess and earning recognition as a force to be reckoned with. Our international engagements have further solidified our reputation, as we have represented India with pride on the global stage.

What advice would you give to aspiring esports owners and content creators?

The world of esports offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring owners and content creators. To succeed in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, it is crucial to cultivate a genuine passion for esports, develop a comprehensive business plan, build a strong team, prioritize quality content, embrace innovation and adaptability. Connect with the esports community, seek guidance and support, and embrace long-term success. With dedication, hard work, and a strategic approach, aspiring esports entrepreneurs and content creators can carve a path to success and make a significant impact on the rapidly growing esports industry.

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