WWE’s 2021 Top Merchandise Seller Rapper Bad Bunny In Line For WrestleMania Debut

WWE’s 2021 Top Merchandise Seller Rapper Bad Bunny In Line For WrestleMania Debut: Ever since the WWE made an onset into the sporting arena, one of the major reasons for its consummate success was its entertainment quotient. Persistently tying up with actors, singers and akin people from the industry, the organisation has been able to provide riveting performances to its ardent viewers.

Bad Bunny Named As Top Merchandise Seller

For WWE, shaking hands with rapper Bad Bunny has done more than just lure in viewers. The partnership between the two parties has been extremely lucrative for both with License Global reporting that the rapper is currently sitting atop of the WWE Shop’s list of items.

The rappers WWE’s merchandise has sold like fresh cake in 2021. And with WrestleMania37 only two months away, the WWE shop is said to be working on launching fresh items revolving around the rapper with a poster, child’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt, a unisex t-shirt, and a zip-up hoodie all in the works.

Bad Bunny’s musical performance from the Royal Rumble has ended up garnering in colossal numbers for WWE. The performance has accrued 3 million views whilst his fracas with The Miz and Morrison has accumulated 1.5 million views, numbers which sit atop of the WWE’s content for the foregone week.

WWE Approach Bad Bunny For Wrestling Debut

While Bad Bunny is set to perform at the WrestleMania two months later, the WWE is said to be working on ingraining him in their setup on a more serious level as well.

The rapper’s fallout with The Miz and John Morrison during the foregone Royal Rumble is said to have titillated the event’s viewers. Its seen the head honchos of the originations back Bad Bunny to the hilt with the supremos said to be extremely eager of getting him into the ring during the Show of shows as both a performer and wrestler as per PWInsider.

According to Mike Johnson, Bad Bunny was seen at the WWE Performance Center, preparing for a future match with the company. PWInsider is also reporting that the organisation is keen on squaring him off with Miz or Johnson at WrestleMania 37.

Reports are also emanating stating that Bad Bunny could find himself embroiled in a tag match between the three with new RAW Superstar Damian Priest with the league striving to protect him on his maiden appearance.