WWE wants to cancel WWE RAW Underground

WWE likely isn’t going to bring back Raw Underground, but they have a legitimate reason for nixing the recurring segment. This boils down to the pandemic which is the reason for a lot of changes in 2020.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez explained the situation. Raw Underground took participation from a lot of people from various brands. This is an issue during a pandemic.

“This was actually the result of an issue in WWE and that is their latest outbreak. The reason there is no Raw Underground is because Raw Underground was a segment that involved Raw talent, SmackDown talent, and NXT and Performance Center talent. So, the reason there is no Raw Underground is because […] They don’t want to do anything that involved the mixing of the brands.”

The concern is that if there is another outbreak of COVID-19 within the WWE roster then Raw Underground has the potential of spreading the virus to every brand that participates in the segment. It is interesting that they feel this way considering all the Raw Superstars who will be on SmackDown this week.

The idea of Raw Underground isn’t 100% dead because WWE can revive anything they like. It appears the idea is on an indefinite hiatus for now.