WWE Top Rumors: Is Fiend dead, updates on Roman Reigns’ injury, what next for The Miz, TLC main event and fall out – 22nd December 2020

WWE Rumor Roundup: Here are some of the latest WWE rumors that are floating around. TLC was the last PPV of the year that ended in a catastrophic way. Now it is time to Check out what will happen tonight on RAW that would be the last segment of the before Christmas eve.

5) Update On Roman Reigns After TLC

After TLC, there was some concern that Roman Reigns might be injured. This was because it looked like he was favoring his shoulder and in some pain.

According to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select (subscribe here), Roman appeared to be fine after walking through the curtain. It appears as if he was just doing a great job at selling and is not actually hurt.

This is obviously great news. Roman is killing it right now and we don’t need anything slowing him down.

4) Many Bad Ideas Were Pitched For The Miz’s MITB Cash-In

According to @Wrestlevotes, there were several bad ideas that were pitched for The Miz before TLC. These were for his cash-in of the Money in the Bank briefcase. The pitches were all said to have sucked.

WWE eventually decided on The Miz joining the TLC match between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. Here is what the account Tweeted:

Over the past day or so the creative team was directed to come up with ideas for a Miz cash in tonight on McIntyre and according to a source, “they all sucked”. The issues creatively aren’t exclusively on Vince.

— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) December 20, 2020

We know a lot of fans are upset that The Miz lost. We are fine with it though as we didn’t want to see either Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre lose their belts right now.

3) Update On Bonuses For WWE Stars

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Matt Riddle’s new contract has a bonus structure set up for if WWE returns to Saudi Arabia.

Meltzer says that Riddle’s new deal will pay him an extra $50,000 whenever he wrestles in Saudi Arabia.

Riddle’s new yearly salary is $400,000, so this shows you how much these Saudi Arabia shows can pay (on top of that). No wonder a lot of guys want to go twice a year.

2) Late Change To The Main Event Of TLC

According to @Wrestlevotes, the ‘Firefly Inferno Match’ between Randy Orton and The Fiend was taped in advance. The account also says that it was not originally planned to be the main event of TLC. WWE ended up changing their minds and they moved the match to the end of the show.

Here is what the account Tweeted:

This was a good call. It ended the show with a bang and we haven’t seen many complaints from fans.

1) How The ‘Firefly Inferno Match’ Was Executed

WrestlingNews.co has provided some details on how WWE was able to execute some of the dangerous spots during Randy Orton vs The Fiend. The match ended with The Fiend being lit on fire in the middle of the ring.

Here is what the site wrote about how WWE executed the match:

In order to do some of the dangerous spots, they stopped and did some retakes. That includes the rocking chair spot at ringside. The final spot of the match in the ring with the gasoline was edited together and obviously, that was not Wyatt on fire at the very end. They used a dummy made to look like Wyatt to set on fire.

WWE had people set up off-camera with fire extinguishers to put out different fires around the ring and there were extra special precautions taken to keep everyone safe.

This seems logical. We are excited to see where WWE goes next with The Fiend and this storyline.