WWE Summerslam 2020 Preview: Major Championship match announced for upcoming WWE PPV

WWE SummerSlam Preview : WWE has officially announced a major championship match which will take place on the biggest party of the summer at SummerSlam. This match will take place between the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton at SummerSlam for the RAW Championship.


In the latest episode of WWE Raw which  was commenced by Randy Orton, who came out to announce his next opponent whom he wants to face at SummerSlam. As everybody was waiting for this so long that who it could be since Randy Orton has already mangled down three legendary superstars since Wrestlemania 36. The apex predator Randy Orton did not take too much to announce that he wants to face current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam for the championship match.
However, it was earlier stipulated that Randy Orton will choose Drew McIntyre for the championship match and did the same. Despite that, Drew McIntyre also reacted to Orton’s response and accepted his challenge for a championship match at SummerSlam.
WWE fans could not wait for this match so long as Orton already produced a RKO on Drew McIntyre from on where out and ended the latest Raw segment on a high-note. Meanwhile, it will a tremendous match when these two face off each other at SummerSlam. Since Randy Orton has been invincible to defeat since Wrestlemania 36 and he would like to continue his undefeated at the same when he meets McIntyre at SummerSlam and claims his 14th WWE championship.


But taking Drew McIntyre readily will be a big mistake which Randy Orton does not like to do so. As McIntyre has already mammoth over Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36 and win this championship, and after he was just unstoppable. He will be looking to continue his title reign at SummerSlam against Randy Orton by retaining the title over there.
No matter what so happens at SummerSlam one thing for sure that these two will put a massive show over there which could be the biggest match of the summer.