WWE SummerSlam 2020 location announced: Report

WWE SummerSlam: There were a lot of buzz going in recent times for WWE’s upcoming PPV SummerSlam that where it will take place. Now, finally based on some reports, Amway Center is the location that will host WWE SummerSlam.

WWE main rosters RAW and SmackDown both have been taking place in Performance Center for over the past five months. But now as it reported that WWE shows, RAW and SmackDown also will now perform at this new location, Amway Center. Apart from SummerSlam, this place is likely to host Payback that will take place just a week after SummerSlam.

How long WWE will use Amway Center

This new location Amway Center is in Orlando, Florida will be the next destination for WWE’s couple of next PPVs, and also for RAW and SmackDown respectively. But the question still remains how long the company can use it as a substitute location. Trucks arrived at the arena on Friday to help set up the crew for the coming shows. The debut at the stadium will happen with SummerSlam, and then the RAW and SmackDown events.

According to Jon Alba WWE would use this location for at least a month or so which debut with SummerSlam then, Payback and regular WWE shows, RAW and SmackDown. He also indicated that however, Live audience is still not be allowed for this new stadium and until the situations become normal but it does have access of proper arena.

“A rep from the City of Orlando tells me and @MyNews13 #WWE has a use agreement with Amway Center through Oct. 30 with no fans present in the building. So barring an amendment in the agreement, no live fans through October, but WWE gets arena access for all events through then.”

Alba also reported the confirmation earlier with a video showing WWE’s production trucks arriving at the Amway Center.

“And here’s your confirmation: #WWE loading into Amway Center. #SummerSlam and other TV will be held at the building. Video and pics from our @MyNews13 crew.”