WWE Smackdown: Sasha Banks and Bayley WWE Champion match breaks yet another record, check out

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com is reporting that the Sasha Banks vs. Bayley women’s title match from last week’s Smackdown drew 2.52 million viewers and was the most-watched WWE match on television since the Covid-19 pandemic started. What helped the match do a strong number was that there were more women in the 18-34 demo category watching.

In an interview with DigitalSpy.com, Sasha commented on the feud with Bayley:

“This whole storyline with Bayley, it was a long time coming and there were times in the past where we saw it stop and go, but in the long run we really had to have the fans see this long, long friendship which you don’t really get to see in the WWE too often.”

“Five years of this journey, of this friendship growing and growing, and then Bayley turning on me… it’s been everything that I’ve ever wanted. I got really inspired from Trish Stratus and Mickie James – they had a year-long storyline when I was watching as a teenager. That’s what I wanted growing up, I wanted a year-long storyline where you just were on the ride the whole time. So for us, it’s kind of like a revamp of that.”

“But it’s really cool to see just the investment and time WWE has given to, not only myself and Bayley, but all of the women in WWE. It’s just been non-stop of this incredible momentum of women just taking over the company.”