WWE Smackdown Results: Roman Reigns beat Rey Mysterio in a vicious Hell in a Cell match to retain the Universal Championship

WWE Smackdown Results

WWE Smackdown Results – Roman Reigns beat Rey Mysterio: The main event of tonight’s show saw Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns going against each other inside the Hell in Cell with Universal Championship on the line. Rey was all over Roman at the start, but eventually, it was the Tribal Chief who held his head high with the Universal Championship in his possession

WWE Smackdown Results: Roman Reigns beat Rey Mysterio in a vicious Hell in a Cell match to retain the Universal Championship

WWE Smackdown Results: Rey surprised Roman at the start

The match started with a furious Rey Mysterio laying attacks after attacks on the champion. He first started with chair strikes and then caught Reigns with the fire extinguisher gas.

Once Roman’s vision got blocked, Rey struck him twice with the cylinder. Rey continued his attacks, this time with a toolbox that took Roman down. After these attacks, Rey choked him with a steel chair, leaving him gasping for air. Rey was completely dominating the champion in the opening phase of the match. He shocked everyone watching, including Roman’s special counsel Paul Heyman.

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WWE Smackdown Results: Roman came back strong!

After a string of attacks with different properties, Roman finally got back into the match by slamming Rey on either side of the Cell. He then took Rey on his shoulder and threw him onto the Cell wall. 

Roman was completely decimating the master of 619 now, but Rey was somehow still in the match. He escaped two spears from the Tribal Chief and laid some chair strikes yet again.

Rey then placed the steel chair on Roman’s chest and splashed on him for a near fall. Just when things were looking under control for Rey, the Tribal Chief got hold of Rey as he caught him in the air while he was going for yet another splash.

Reigns picked up Rey for a powerbomb and threw him outside the ring onto the Cell, giving shades of what he did to Rey’s son Dominik last week on WWE Smackdown.

The throw took a lot from Rey, and then Roman made him submit with a vicious choke. After the match got over, Jimmy Uso rushed down to the ring and held Roman’s hand up in the air in victory. 

After the match, Roman Reigns took to Twitter and told Rey Mysterio to go home and stay home.

Rey gave all that he had and dominated the initial stage of the match, but it was Reigns who held his nerves to retain the Universal Championship.