WWE Smackdown Recap- 31st October 2020: Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso Survivor Series Qualifying Match

WWE Smackdown Highlights: Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, and Bianca Belair are the first SmackDown wrestlers to qualify for Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns/Jey Uso Segment

Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring to start SmackDown. Jey Uso was standing in the middle of the ring with this head down. Michael Cole pointed out that Uso is going to fall in line and acknowledge Reigns as the Tribal Chief.

They recapped the Reigns and Uso match from Hell in a Cell. Heyman tried to speak, but Uso yanked the microphone out of his hands. Uso yelled that Reigns didn’t beat him. He didn’t quit.

Reigns told Uso he could feel any way he wants and make excuses. He said he was going to make Uso quit, and he did. Reigns told him to take the oath and fall in line.

Uso won’t fall in line because he doesn’t respect him. He can’t believe Reigns did this to him, just like when they were kids. Uso noted that Reigns used the only person he’d quit for. Uso feels that the title changed Reigns.

Reigns noted he did it all for the championship. Everyone in the family, from the eldest to the youngest, has fallen in line behind him. Uso is the last one.

Uso was furious and got in Reign’s face. Reigns asked Uso what’s he going to do and taunted him. Uso yelled that he hates Reigns. Reigns believes that Uso hates him, but that’ll change. He loves Jey, but by the end of the night, he’ll fall in line.

Reigns consoled Uso and rubbed the top of his head. Reigns walked away as Uso watched.

This was a good segment. Reigns and Uso put on a good performance. They’re dragging out the Jey Uso falling in line story until the end of the show.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Robert Roode)

Owens and Ziggler had a really good match. They worked hard and told a good story.

Ownes had the early advantage until Roode caused a distraction. Ziggler took over and slowed the pace down. Owens recovered and rocked Ziggler with a back elbow.

Ziggler kicked the knee and attempted the Zig Zag, but Owens held onto the ropes. Ziggler sent Owens to the floor and dropped to a knee. The referee checked on Ziggler, which allowed Roode to attack Owens on the floor.

The referee caught Roode putting Owens back in the ring and sent him to the back.

Back from the break, Ziggler was firmly in control, but Owens fought back. He hit a hard clothesline and senton. Owens limped to the top turnbuckle and attempted a Swanton Bomb, but Ziggler got his knees up. Ziggler scored another close near fall.

Ziggler set up for the superkick, but Owens hit a superkick first. In a cool spot, Owens attempted a pop-up powerbomb, but Ziggler reversed into a famouser for a very close near fall.

Ziggler attempted another superkick but Ownes avoided and went for the stunner, but Ziggler avoided. Owens attempted a sunset flip, but Ziggler rolled him up for a near fall.

Ziggler went for the superkick again, but Owens avoided and hit the stunner for the win. Owens is the first member of SmackDown’s Survivor Series team.

They showed a quick video package on Daniel Bryan, hyping his first singles match back on SmackDown. In the back, Natalya and Billie Kay both demanded Adam Pearce put them on the women’s Survivor Series team. Bianca Belair interrupted and demanded to be on the team as well. Pearce heard enough and ordered all three to compete in a triple threat. The winner will earn their way on the team.

Corey Graves interviewed Lars Sullivan. Graves asked Sullivan if he can call him Lars. Sullivan wondered if Graves wants to call him The Freak. Graves questioned if that was okay.

Sullivan asked if Graves likes being called a freak.

Sullivan told a childhood story. Two boys mocked him when he was on the playground and called him a freak show. Sullivan said everyone laughed, including the teachers. He admitted that he cried.

Sullivan wished the boys would stop. Sullivan began to laugh. He said the laughter stopped, but the screaming went on for hours. Sullivan was never allowed back to the school.

Graves asked Sullivan what he wants to accomplish. Sulivan wants to destroy anyone that gets in his way. He wants to make this his personal playground. His personal hell on earth.

They recapped Murphy against Seth Rollins and The Mysterio family getting involved.

Aalyah Mysterio spoke with Murphy in the back. She said her mother approves and just wants her to be happy. Rey and Dominik Mysterio disapprove of the relationship. Murphy wishes they could see how he has changed. Murphy promises to go to the ring and apologize to Rey and Dominik.

Triple Threat Women’s Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Bianca Belair defeated Natalya and Billie Kay

This was a fine match. All three competitors worked hard, but it was kept short.

Natalya attempted to slap Kay, but she ducked, and Natalya hit Belair. Natalya rocked Belair with a discus clothesline, but Kay sent her to the floor. Natalya lifted up Kay, but she ended up giving Belair an hurricanrana.

Belair hit a moonsault on Kay for a close near fall. Natalya sent Kay back to the floor. She locked on the sharpshooter on Belair, but Kay locked on cross face on Belair as well.

Kay took over and kicked Belair in the face, which caused her to DDT Natalya. Kay attempted to pin both but only scored a near fall. Natalya locked on the sharpshooter on Kay, but Belair sent Natalya to the floor.

Kay tried rolling up Belair with her feet on the rope but only scored a near fall. Kay attempted another boot, but Belair ducked and hit the K.O.D for the win. Belair is the first member of the women’s SmackDown team.

In the back, Carmella enjoyed a drink. She talked about her pending return to action. Carmella noted she’d do whatever it takes to get ahead. She promised to return next week.

Murphy Tries To Apologize

Murphy and Aalyah made their way to the ring.

Murphy wants to apologize and begged Rey and Dominik to come to the ring. They wouldn’t come out. Murphy pleaded with them and said he needs to do this. Aalyah was distraught that they didn’t come out.

Seth Rollins music hit, and he made his way to the ring. Rollins noted Rey and Dominik would never accept him or whatever is going on between them.

Rollins pointed out that he’ll accept Murphy and the relationship. He said he embraces Murphy and Aalyah’s relationship. He’ll even marry them right now.

Rollins accepts Murphy, but he also accepts Aalyah. Rollins isn’t the bad guy in this situation, and Aalyah knows that. Rollins feels that Rey is being overprotective and trying to control her. Rollins began mocking Dominik.

Dominik ran out and attacked Rollins. Murphy pulled Dominik off of Rollins. Murphy then attacked Rollins. Rollins ran out of the ring, and Dominik got in Murphy’s face. Murphy and Dominik ended up brawling.

Rey Mysterio ran out and attacked Murphy. He set up for the 619, but Aalyah jumped in the way. Rey demanded she move, but she wouldn’t. Rey asked her to leave, but she won’t.

Aalyah said she loves Murphy, which shocked Rey. Aalyah repeated that she loves Murphy. Rey and Dominik were shocked and started walking away. Aalyah helped Murphy up and kissed him.

Rey and Dominik couldn’t believe their eyes. Murphy was surprised too.

Rollins stood on the stage and gave the best reaction. He was so shocked his eyes were popping out of his head.

This was another good segment. Everyone did a good job in their roles.

In the back, Daniel Bryan was getting ready for his match against Jey Uso. He noted that Reigns couldn’t beat Uso. His game plan doesn’t change based on what happened to Uso earlier. He’s getting prepared for the best Jey Uso.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits made their way to the ring. Montez Ford noted they saw The New Day’s impression of them on Raw. They’re flattered that New Day would imitate them.

They pointed out that New Day is one of the greatest tag teams of all time. However, they’re not coming to Survivor Series to throw out pancakes. They promised to defeat New Day at the Survivor Series.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

The faces had the early advantage. Dawkins dropped Ford onto Cesaro for a near fall. Nakamura broke up the pin attempt, and a brawl broke out. Ford sent Nakamura to the floor with a dropkick. He then hit a huge dive to the floor.

In a crazy spot, Cesaro launched Ford over the barricade.

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control. Nakamura missed a kick, and Ford hit an enziguri. Dawkins got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit a twisting splash in the corner and a bulldog for a near fall.

Cesaro regained control with a vicious uppercut. Dawkins fought back and attempted a tag, but Ford was on the floor. Dawkins missed a twisting splash in the corner. Nakamura followed up with a knee in the corner.

Cesaro hit a gut-wrench powerbomb for a near fall. Dawkins recovered and used an inside cradle for another near fall.

Cesaro rocked Dawkins with a clothesline. Nakamura climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Dawkins pushed Cesaro into the corner.

Dawkins then hit a huge spinebuster on Cesaro. Dawkins then gave Nakamura a super plex, and Ford hit the frog splash for the win.

In the back, Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn talked about his Survivor Series match against U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley. He said he’s the only person worthy of defending the title. He represents every person on every continent.

Zayn mocked Lashley for representing only one country. He’s going to prove that the Intercontinental Champion is greater than the United States Champion.

Sasha Banks Promo

Banks and Bayley were good in this segment.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks made her way to the ring. Banks brought the same chair to the ring that Bayley attacked her with and tried using at Hell in a Cell.

Banks sat on the chair and thanked Bayley. She noted Bayley stabbed her in the back.

They were going to take over the company. Banks considered Bayley her sister, but then she attacked her with the chair.

Banks realizes now that she didn’t need Bayley. Banks is the blueprint and is proud to be the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She said Bayley is in her past, and she’s focused on Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.

Bayley’s music, and she made her way to the ring. She was upset that Banks took the chair from her and her title. Bayley noted that Banks made her sign the contract under distress, so she didn’t really lose the title.

Bayley noted that everyone knows Banks can’t beat Asuka without her. Bayley challenged Banks to a match next week and to enjoy her 13-day reign as champion. Banks hopes Bayley brings everything she’s got.

Men’s Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Jey Uso defeated Daniel Bryan

Uso and Bryan had a good fast-paced match, although the ending was a bit of a surprise. The post-match angle was done well with Uso apparently turning heel.

Uso was still distraught after his confrontation with Roman Reigns earlier. He aggressively jumped Bryan at the bell. Bryan fought back, but Uso recovered and hit a Samoan Drop.

Uso stomped Bryan in the corner and continued to beat him down. Bryan walked up the corner into a backflip and landed on his feet. He hit a clothesline and followed up with the Yes Kicks. Uso avoided the last kick and rolled to the floor.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns music hit, and he walked to ringside.

Back from the break, Uso and Bryan fought on the top turnbuckle. Bryan escaped and attempted a back suplex off the top.

Uso shifted his weight and landed on Bryan for a near fall. Bryan countered and scored a near fall.

Bryan sent Uso to the floor. Bryan attempted a suicide dive, but Uso countered with a superkick. Uso tried the splash, but Bryan got his knees up and locked on the Lebell Lock. Uso fought back and made it to the ropes.

Bryan fired up and hit the running dropkick in the corner. Bryan attempted the move a second time, but Uso rocked him with a superkick. Uso then hit the splash off the top for the surprise win.

Jey Uso joins Kevin Owens on the men’s Survivor Series team.

After the match, Reigns got in the ring. Uso quickly declared that he’s with Reigns and that Reigns is the head of the table. There was no build-up to Uso’s sudden change and decision to fall in line.

Reigns looked at Bryan. Uso then hit another superkick on Bryan and another splash.

Uso said he understands now. He loves Reigns too.

Reigns gave Uso orders. Uso dragged Bryan out of the ring and continued to beat him down. He cleared the announce table and placed Bryan on top. Uso then hit the splash off the top turnbuckle onto Bryan on the announce table.

Reigns watched on approvingly with a smile as Uso continued to attack Bryan.

Next Week: SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defends against Bayley.