WWE Smackdown Preview: All confirmed matches from tonight’s episode for SmackDown – 30th October 2020; all you need to know

Even though many days have come and gone, this is still the episode of SmackDown after Hell in a Cell. And yes, it is also going to be an episode that builds to Survivor Series. So, while nothing has really been announced for this week’s episode of SmackDown, so much could potentially happen during the show, from new feuds to invasions, to surprises. Here’s what we can look forward to.

Jey Uso faces the consequences of losing to Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell

Jey Uso came up short against Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell, and now the aftermath of the angle will play out. Could we finally see the Samoan Dynasty faction come to be, on this episode of SmackDown?

What’s next for Sasha Banks on WWE SmackDown?

Sasha Banks and Bayley went to war at Hell in a Cell, and one has to wonder if their feud will continue or whether they will go on a little bit of a break, for the time being. Will someone else show up to face The Boss next? Could we see Bianca Belair or Carmella’s repackaged avatar step up to the plate?

Will Survivor Series teams be formed this week?

The men’s Survivor Series team was determined through a series of elimination matches on RAW, and one wonders if the same will hold true for SmackDown as well. Moreover, the women’s team was finalized on RAW as well, and there’s no reason why the same won’t happen on SmackDown.

Possible invasions from RAW?

Could Roman Reigns be jumped by Randy Orton and could The New Day show up to take The Street Profits down? Is Sami Zayn prepared for the onslaught of the Hurt Business and can The Boss withstand the Empress of Tomorrow?