WWE Smackdown: Nakamura seen driving his car wearing Corbin’s crown

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WWE Smackdown: Nakamura drives his car wearing Corbin’s crown

Last week on Smackdown, Shinsuke Nakamura took possession of King Corbin’s Crown and ignited a mid-card rivalry on Friday Night Smackdown. The whole event took place when Corbin surprisingly pinned Shinsuke in singles action, but after the loss, Nakamura attacked Corbin and picked his crown. 

It was a different sight altogether as Shinsuke wore the crown on his head, and the digital crowd was all behind the charismatic Japanese superstar. Today, Shinsuke posted a video on his official Twitter handle in which he is seen driving a car and riding a bike wearing the crown. Here’s the Tweet,

WWE aired a pre-recorded promo prior to the match

Even before the match got started, notably WWE aired a promo where Nakamura said that Corbin is the King of the Ring, while he is the King of String Style, and there could only be one King who can survive the night. In the promo Shinsuke said, 

“I am the real King. The King of Strong Style is back, finally. Finally. I am looking good, it’s time to take photos.”

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Corbin has been the King of the Ring since September 2019, and no other King of the Ring tournament has taken place after then. It would be interesting to see after the events that took place last week between Corbin and Nakamura with the crown involved, will WWE look to conduct yet another King of The Ring Tournament? Only time will tell.

What can we expect next week from this feud?

Shinsuke has stolen King Corbin’s crown, and it is obvious that he would be back with a vengeance on this week’s Smackdown. A one-on-one match between the two is definitely on the cards, but will there be any stipulation involving the crown? If WWE authority does this, it would be great for the fans as more impetus would be there in the match, and it would give a new dimension to the feud.