Sunday, June 26, 2022

WWE SmackDown Live: Things that could take place on WWE Friday Night Smackdown

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WWE SmackDown Live: From Charlotte Flair making quick work of Naomi to Roman Reigns’s message for Goldberg, Things that could take place – Just two weeks to go until we reach the final roadblock before WrestleMania, the Elimination Chamber. Everything is getting intense as we reach closer towards the Elimination Chamber PPV. On the penultimate SmackDown before Elimination Chamber, here is what we can expect this Friday night.

WWE SmackDown Live: Things that could take place on WWE Friday Night Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Live: Charlotte Flair making quick work of Naomi
Last week on SmackDown, WWE official Sonya Deville announced that Naomi would get a chance at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. This match can have two endings, however, both endings the favour of Charlotte.

WWE SmackDown Live: Three Possible Endings for Charlotte Flair vs Naomi this Week

One could be Charlotte having a squash win over Naomi to send a message to Ronda Rousey. The second the way could be Sonya Deville helping Charlotte, thus, taking their rivalry to WrestleMania.

WWE SmackDown Live: Jey Uso going past Ivar in singles competition
On the previous edition of SmackDown, Jimmy Uso went up against Erik in singles competition. Jimmy Uso won the match in convincing style.

This week we could see the reverse with Jey Uso facing Ivar in singles competition. With the Uso’s one upping The Viking Raiders, Erik may settle the scores this week.

WWE SmackDown Live: Aliyah to continue winning streak
The Canadian superstar has now beaten the veteran Natalya three times in a row. Out of which the first victory was a record breaking win in just 3.17 seconds. However, the other victories have come by DQ and count out.

This week, Natalya challenged Aliyah to a Dungeon style match which consists of only pinfall and submission. With the odds stacked against Aliyah, we still expect her to come up with the win and continue her streak

WWE SmackDown Live: Roman Reigns to send a message to Goldberg
Last week, Goldberg returned and interrupted Roman Reigns in his opening segment on SmackDown. The Tribal Chief will retaliate this week. We can expect a sneak attack during a segment between both superstars this Friday night.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022: Goldberg’s Schedule For the Rest of the Year

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