WWE Smackdown Results and Updates: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Title after humbling Rey Mysterio. Shinsuke Nakamura is the new legitimate KING

WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Roman Reigns beat Rey Mysterio
WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Roman Reigns beat Rey Mysterio

WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on June 19: WWE Smackdown’s go-home edition for WWE Hell in a Cell is here. Follow Friday Night Smackdown LIVE Updates – Tonight’s show comes from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida – Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio to battle inside Hell in a Cell for the Universal Championship –

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WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights: Here is a list of matches scheduled for tonight

  • Rey Mysterio comes out to call Roman Reigns
  • Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez vs. Kevin Owens & Big E
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin- A battle for the Crown
  • Angelo Dawkins vs. Otis
  • Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns, Hell in a Cell Universal Championship match

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WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights:

Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns, Hell in a Cell Universal Championship match- Rey started with Chair strikes and then blinded the champion with a fire extinguisher in his eyes. He then hit him twice with the extinguisher cylinder following up by an attack with a toolbox.

After the commercial, Rey continued his dominance by attacking and choking the Champion with a steel chair. Mysterio looked in complete control as he made Reigns gasping for breath.

After some sheer dominance from Rey, Roman finally got something for himself as he grabbed Rey and slammed him on either side of the Cell. He then picked him up for a powerbomb and threw him off the side of the cell.

After the commercial, both the men were in the ring and Reigns looked in total control. Reigns then hit a superman punch to put Rey down. Just when he set himself for a spear, Rey countered with a dropkick to his face. However, Reigns once again loaded for a spear but yet again Rey escaped and Roman hit shoulder first on the post. Rey then took possession of the steel chair again and after some chair strikes, he placed one on Roman’s chest and splashed from the top-rope.

He went for another splash but this time Roman caught him and threw him out of the ring the way he did to his son Dominik last week. Rey looked out of order and it took only one vicious choke from Roman Reigns to make Rey tap out.

WWE SmackDown Results: Roman Reigns made Rey Mysterio tap out.


Backstage- Cesaro talks about Seth Rollins with Kayla Braxton in a backstage interview, but Seth Rollins interrupted him. Rollins then said that Cesaro doesn’t deserve a single ounce of respect and this Sunday at Hell in a Cell he will teach him a lesson.

Cesaro accepted the challenge by pushing Seth Rollins off his chair. The two men will now have a showdown this Sunday at Hell in a Cell PPV.


Otis vs. Angelo Dawkins- Dawkins got tricked by Chad Gable even before the bell rang. Both Otis & Gable slammed Dawkins’ already injured left shoulder into the steel stairs outside the ring.

They continued their attack inside the ring with a tag-team clothesline that completely dismantled Dawkins who was seen reeling outside the ring. The match could never get started therefore, there was no winner or a loser.


Backstage- Jimmy Uso confronted Roman Reigns and said I agree with what you said last week and I agree we should stick as a family. However, Jey was missing from the picture and Roman was worried about him. Jimmy said if Roman needs any help for his match tonight he will be there for him. Roman said if he could do any favor to him then find their brother Jey.


Bianca Belair is in the ring and talks about last week’s events that took place with Bayley. She then talked about the match the two ladies are going to have at Hell in a Cell PPV this Sunday. Belair said that she wants Bayley inside the Hell in a Cell to show her the real place.

Bayley then came out and tried to attack Belair. However, the rage backfired on Bayley as Bianca bounced Bayley’s head on the announced table. When Belair tried to send Bayley into the barricade, the former champion grabbed the current champion with her braid and assaulted her. She then took her inside the ring and slammed her face on the floor to end the segment with Bayley’s holding the title up and above.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin: A battle for the Crown- Just as the match started, Corbin went for a two-count rollup pin, but couldn’t succeed. He then took hold of Shinsuke but the Japanese star was quick to gain momentum.

After the commercial, both competitors were in the ring with Corbin in control. He went for a Deep 6 but again failed with three counts. Shinsuke, however, kept himself in the match with his unorthodox striking abilities. Both the men got their opportunities but none of them gained consistent momentum. In the closing moments, Shinsuke looked to go for a third splash but got caught with a knee. Shinsuke then countered Corbin’s chokeslam and wrapped up the match with a Kinshasa.

Shinsuke Nakamura is the new KING.

WWE SmackDown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Corbin via Pinfall.


Backstage- Kevin Owens approaches Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville to ask for a match against Sami Zayn. The authority figures agree Kevin’s demand and made the match official for Hell in a Cell PPV.


Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez vs. Kevin Owens & Big E- Before the match could have started, Sami Zayn’s music hit as he came out for commentary.

Crews started off the match for his team but was put under the pump right from the outset. Both Owens and Big E dominated the Intercontinental Champion before he made a desperate tag to commander Azeez who changed the complexion. After hitting Big E with a big boot in the ring, Azeez threw him outside and slammed the former New Day member on the floor with a suplex.

After the commercial, both Azeez and Big E were in the ring, with the commander in control. Azeez hit Big E two suplexes in a row before missing with an elbow drop. After the failed drop, Azeez tagged Crews and the champion was suplexed on the apron. Big E then tagged Owens and the Prize Fighter started off with a Swanton. After seeing Crews struggling in the ring, Azeez dragged Crews to his corner and took the tag. In the closing moments, courtesy of some outside distraction from Zayn, Azeez hit a Nigerian Nails to KO secured a pinfall victory for his team.

WWE SmackDown Results: Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews defeated Big E and Kevin Owens.

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The night kicked off with Rey Mysterio coming out to address the people. Rey talked about the fact how Roman has treated his son Dominik in the last two weeks. Rey called out Roman Reigns and demanded him to accept the Hell in a Cell Match for the Universal Championship tonight. Roman already accepted the challenge on Twitter, but Rey wanted him to come out and accept the match face-to-face in the ring.

After Rey completed, Roman came out and said you are not ready for me. What I did to your son was just a PG of what I am going to do tonight with you. He asked him are you sure you really want to do this. Rey acknowledged and Roman said, “Now we’ll do it my way.”

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